Working with Oceans and Connecting to Dolphin Aspects

Meet *Voice of the Oceans* to Clear the Oceans, Meeting your Dolphin Aspect

Very Playful and dolphin-like!

Very Playful and dolphin-like!

Welcome to our first Newsletter with
“The Crystalline Stellar Skulls!”

Meet *Voice of the Oceans*
Find your dolohin aspect.
Awaken to other Universes.

Hi there, I am Terra Rae of “Team Earth.”

I have had the grand experience of being reacquainted with a whole tribe of angelic, heartfelt, galactic, sentient beings ~ the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. They have been with us since the beginning of time, and have just made their reappearance here on Earth.

These sentient Stellar Skulls are here to assist with Gaia, the people of Earth, and others in this galaxy to clear the darkness, making way for the opening, clearing and activation needed for First Contact and Ascension. They move through all dimensions, and they have knowledge of all civilizations, with skills and tools for every level of expanding. There is nothing they cannot address. They love being asked!

I would like to introduce you to *Voice of the Oceans*, who is from the Crystalline and Rainbow Universes. She is a delightful being that is very dolphin-like, and has come to rejuvenate the oceans and other bodies of water, with our assistance. She enjoys introducing us to our own “dolphin aspects” as well.

Crysta and I, as “Team Earth,” with the Galactic Team and Crystalline Stellar Skulls and other “Team Earth” members, are dedicated to bringing about healing, clearing, activating and expanding awareness of 5th-dimensional consciousness and
beyond, as well as global change.

Who is *Voice of the Oceans*?

Skull: My exciting presence here will allow you to again tap into the oceans. I am *Voice of the Oceans*. I complement the Universal Voice ~ and we work as a team quite regularly.

I found that when my essence of the waters from the Crystalline Universe gave me such joy, that that is where I chose to emanate from. So the Rainbow Universe waters, the Crystalline Universe waters and the void of the Universe here gave me such depth, and a complementary triangulating seed of creation, that I am emerging here to give the healing to the creatures and the oceans who need it.

Dolphin Aspects

Terra: Master Devon (9D Being of Light that oversees The Group of 90 Game Engineers), on our first meeting, thanked me for taking on a dolphin aspect at this time, along with my 3D aspect. He explained what my dolphin aspect was doing for the whales, and that many people right now have a dolphin aspect. This came as a great surprise to me! He later shared upon asking, that many Light-workers have a dolphin aspect!

Skull: All the water babies, and those who work with that element of Earth, truly have a dolphin aspect. It is time to rejuvenate it ~ so that will be part of my task. You are reuniting even more as we speak. Notice that you will feel stronger in that aspect of yourself, the more we work and play together.

I am indeed Voice of the Water and Oceans. I reconnect various forms of water from different universes, so that this particular planet can be rejuvenated. (We will expand on this topic in a future Newsletter.)

Terra: How wonderful and refreshing you are! Will you help us create Terra Christa? (The New 5D Earth)

Skull: I am just that. I am very profound, and also able to make others laugh. My energy is jumpy and swirling, much like that of a dolphin. Terra Christa would be an honor! Working with that creation will take some doing!

Tapping into Other Universes

Terra: Tell us how you work with the other Universes?
Skull: My abilities stem from being able to tap into the vibration of the many waters, from so many aspects of the places I have visited. I have a cellular memory for just how to do that. I am able to reconnect and turn on the lights in areas where there was darkness. So, I will serve to replenish much of what has been lost. I bring forth the vitality and love in the energy that comes from my heart, and the heart of the Crystalline and Rainbow Universes. So as you bring your consciousness into my Being, you can receive information whether visually or telepathically about the Voice of the Dolphin Nation.

Terra: Just how do you like to do this?

Here we can send our heart-lights and heart energy through beams of love, light and joy. Because the consciousness of the Dolphins is so elevated, they disperse their Love, Light and Joy as they choose. Sometimes they send it out on their sonar, often affecting the other animals in the ocean, and they even send it to the Heart of the Earth. They also elevate the frequency of the waters. They have a job description they created for themselves: basically, to heal the planet. So they are very busy! We can send them our support and connect with their stream of consciousness. This is how we can all, as a team, assist the Dolphin Nation.

Skull: It is all something I can almost do in my sleep. This reactivation allows my presence to exude a greater force, and the magnitude is enhanced with the Universal Voice ~ and again, the deep tones that come through me. You will notice that you will be inspired to use even more and different deep tones, when we send energy and light to the hearts of all of these creatures and structures in the water. (She is referring to the coral reefs, plants, mer people and water sylphs, pyramids, mountains and rifts.)


Skull: My presence with the Stellar Skull Tribe is always going to bring greater life to the oceans here on Earth. This is something that you will notice when you play with me ~ for I have an innate dolphin-like quality to my vibration.

I have one intention ~ and it is more playful to send loving light to the hearts of all the creatures and structures in the waters. I emanate from a pyramid deep in the Pacific, which allows all the vibrations to move outwards, as my modality is using the pyramid structure.

It has four sides above and there is also a reversed pyramid below. So, truly it is a diamond-like shape ~ but some of this has to do with the Parallel Universe. For all of what I do on Earth also affects what happens in the Parallel Universe.
{You can read more about the Parallel Universe from *Voice of the Oceans* at our website.}

Assisting the Oceans and Dolphins

Skull: So as you bring your consciousness into my Being, you can receive information whether visually or telepathically about the Voice of the Dolphin Nation.

Terra: How would you like people to connect with you?

Skull: I hold the signature of the waters, and of the animals who are their caregivers. So when one resonates with me, connecting one’s heart with mine, with tone, and open mind, you can fly on that wave of light. It has a smooth, rippling energy. It can assist in giving you the balance of the water element.

The water connection will smooth, soothe, balance and expand your body and mind. You may receive a message of how you can personally help the waters, or animals of the water. Listen for that message.

Technique for Connecting with *Voice* and the Dolphin Nation:
*Take a deep breath and get centered.
*Put your hand on your heart.
*Look right into her eyes (of *Voice of the Oceans*)
*Breathe, and create a strong deep tone (so your heart and spirit connect with *Voice of the Oceans*.)
*You may feel a tingle, rush, flush of energy
*Ask her to connect you to the Dolphin Nation.
*Send the dolphins your heart energy and heart-light outwards. “Beam” the dolphins your Love, Light and Joy through another tone, with focused intention.
Notice they are there for you ~ feel them.
Take it a step further ~ ask any questions you may have.
Notice a sound, picture or words. Sometimes you may feel yourself in the waters with the dolphins.
* When working with the oceans and bodies of water, call in the Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe as well, to amplify your visions and requests. They are there in a blink of an eye.


If you have a dolphin aspect, *Voice of the Oceans* (#40M) can connect you to that aspect, find the name, location and any messages. Book a special Dolphin Aspect Retrieval Session with us for this chat with *Voice of the Oceans* and your dolphin aspect. We will find them, open you up to them get their name! You can then start playing  and communicating with them.

$133.00  for one Hour/Via Telephone  or  Video Call

“All of us stir up different areas of the brain. We enable individuals to reignite areas that they have not used for a while, or for a lifetime or two. We can bring back memories of previous skills and lifetimes. All of us have that ability!” ~ *Bright Light of the Atmosphere* (Skull #43M)

~ Newsletter, and inception with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, by Terra Rae. ~ Voice of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls by Crysta.
~ We offer: 5D Etheric Body Scanning, Extractions, Past-life and timeline clearings, curses and entities cleared, and Crystalline Stellar Skull and Crystalline Goddess readings.

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