Archangel Michael You are the Light

Cosmic Blue Diamond Triangle of Light – With Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and Goddess Mary 

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

In the Presence of Yeshua, 2000 Years Ago

Many of you were in the presence of Yeshua, and the large family, 2000 years ago. Some of you may have been in the 12 Circles, with 12 in each circle. That would be 6 circles of 12 females and 6 circles of 12 males. This created a group of 144 beings who had gathered previously in an etheric Temple 1000 years ago, by invitation, to start training for that timeline. The gathering 2000 years ago was well planned, with the idea of coming together to anchor in Christ Consciousness onto the Earth, since there were so many dark factions that took over to rule Earth, especially in the Middle East. Something needed to be done, and many of us raised our hands and were willing to train in the Light Temples around the planet for that gathering.

The first Circles of both men and women, were disciples, and also some members of Yeshua’s family. Everyone had their jobs and purposes to support the gatherings and the first circles, to get to the gatherings, and to have places to stay with food and supplies. It was very well planned out, and supposed to be kept quite secret, so the family and friends would be safe.

It was an incredible time of amazing events of light, love, healing, and teaching – that is, until the dark factions came in to infiltrate and create destruction, perversion, chaos and much rape, killing and a whole lot of brutality. I have been pulling these stories up for several decades through past-life clearings of myself and many others. I am a family member of Yeshua (which was Jesus’ name at that time) and I was in the first circle of women, as well as an aspect of a male disciple. Many of us had more than one aspect during that timeline. The stories have all been authenticated and elaborated upon, by both Yeshua and the Marys, as well as by the Crystalline Team, who can see through the timelines and dimensions.

The Betrayers

There were many betrayers – not just Judas, but several others – who actually sold out to the dark, with different threats, payments, and promises. There were Roman soldiers seducing, or trying to seduce, both women and men, to l

The Seeker by Hartmut Jager

earn the secrets of our where our next meetings would be. There were also those who purposely gave the info to the wrong ones. There were those who were sent in to find out what they could for the dark faction.

It was NEVER planned that Yeshua was to be crucified. HE DID NOT DIE FOR YOUR SINS! Just breathe that in! 

Some of You Were There!

Some of you were the Roman soldiers, the royal families, the rapists, those who got raped, those who got paid for information, and those who were the Sanhedrin, who bought the lies about power, and those who were the people paid to bludgeon and harass Yeshua and his followers, and to have Him set up to be crucified. Some of you were the followers and the helpers, and those who received the many gifts that were bestowed.

Some of you may have been lucky enough to experience Yeshua and the Family firsthand in the gatherings. Those gatherings would have raised your frequencies dramatically. Many had spontaneous healings, awakenings, and openings to the truth. Many of you could see and feel the incredible lights that came in around the whole group. Sometimes nothing was said, just an incredible download of a higher frequency of shimmering, dancing lights, that was so high that no one would even have heard anything being said. This would have changed you forever. That was what we came together for!

Many of you were witness in some form to the atrocities that took place before the crucifixion, during this tragic event, and for quite a while after. 

I myself have had to be cleared on a cellular level for what I saw and experienced of the rapes, the murders of my family members, and what they did to others and then to Yeshua, as they continued to track the Light Family. It has helped me and others a lot to be finally cleared of this. I have assisted in these clearings in our Clearing to the Core work. It is more than profound!

Can we Clear More?

So, I recently asked the C-Team (Christed Ones) if we could come up with a clearing that others could do with the Team’s assistance, to release this from their cells, no matter who they were at that time?

They were excited and overjoyed; since the guilt, shame, horrors, and even physical situations have been holding so many people back, unbeknownst to them – although some of you do get glimpses of those times. 

Our “Team Earth” members were quite excited, since we were all there, and still holding some of this in our cells. It seemed as if all our guides were watching and guiding us, and they had a lot to say afterwards as to what they all saw. I had asked them beforehand to do this, so that you could get an idea of what to expect.

Yeshua’s Thoughts Beforehand

Yeshua: This will release angst from the past that has moved with the individual into the present day. Sometimes this torment, emotional or physical, is lasting lifetime after lifetime. And the level of clearing this energy connects with an aspect of you – one that may have put the current beings of light on the planet today in very awkward positions. This may result, for example, in having treacherous habits, focusing on spiraling down, and eating inappropriately. These, in turn, can create a focus on what is not working. You may say “How do I get out of this, and how can I even move? I feel so sedentary!”  That is a life caught up in the past with ties to an aspect* of yours.

So many of today’s light-workers have been with me in other lifetimes helping Mary and Magdalene and myself, and our whole team. So much of this energy is carried forward into your present day cells. 

It is not my place to be a being of light, then or now, creating a sign to focus on, releasing you from sins. That is a fallacy and a falsehood. That was not meant to be. And so there are many lives, and their coinciding aspects – that are still being harbored the pain in a person’s cells – that can serve to release the dark energy from way back then. 

I have gone from witnessing my torture, from sensing the fear, from focusing on just how terribly our whole family, and team, were treated and tortured – to the current situation. This is how a cellular memory that is holding more fear and more angst, keeps us unable to move forward on a tremendous pathway. Why? Because there is a fear of being killed or tortured – as it may have been witnessed. Or because there are some family members back in that time, thousands of years ago – when a friend, family member, or partner, unconsciously, even accidentally, gave away too much information – and this was the beginning of our family’s takedown. So there still can be guilt wrought up in the body, mind, spirit and soul that is hovering, and needs clearing and releasing. Ask yourself: Were you a friend, family member, or helper present then, and is there still some of this stored in your being – your auric field – somewhere? 

So, the list of questions, as you can imagine, can go on, and you can truly find a way and a means with which to release – and move back into the timelines – to focus on how you can best let this go. It is not easy, and there are some experts, like “Team Earth,” who have seen so much of this come up within clients, that you can ask us, as a team, for help. We
help to release this. I assist it, as it aids my energy in rising up on the planet today. Imagine that! You release what is holding you back, and through the timelines we are all served – all of the Christed Team – and the planet releases the torture and pain that has happened upon her – held within her grids for all time. 

From that lifetime with me, Yeshua, there are feelings of holding the stories of rape and beating and torture that hang heavy in all of the hearts of light workers, truth be told. So you are not alone.

Where It May Be Held

It’s not uncommon for these feelings to be held in the hips and joints, so as to have the hinges of your bodies unable to move with freedom. Fear can be stored in any of the chakras, as you continue to move about your day-to-day movements and push down the feelings. You can look at any tender joint that keeps reminding you it is there, and it is sensitive. The pain, and focusing on how to get out of a dire situation, is stored as an emotion, someplace in your bodies. This can also create unrest, disease, and most of our ultra-sensitivities – and yes, even the sensitivity to negative EMFs are a part of the storage areas of fear in your body!

It can be a cross-wiring in the brain, and your subconscious allows you to hold a certain mode, thinking it’s protecting your being – but it can actually make a situation worse.

What to Expect 

Magdalene: I am very much a sister to Goddess Mary (Mother Mary), and Yeshua. We are truly one loving Triangle of Light.

We do assist in clarity arising out of a being. This means you can use our bright light, focus on it, and bring us around you as an energetic and sound-filled healing tool. You will notice that as we come forth as a trio, there are several energies focusing on moving through all that ails you. When it is your heart, we move inwards, just like our Crystalline Team of Goddesses, Dragons and Stellar Skulls, to clear out major areas, so we can focus our light and pinpoint it into an area. 

Yeshua: However, one chakra affects all, so it is best to move our light around – and you may focus on the blue and diamond-like ray of light, which you see we carry in our robes and our auric fields. Mary Magdalene’s robe is colored with fuchsia, teal and gold, and it brings forth one amazing dynamic. 

And we pool our resources of light to bring you into a specific, brilliant light robe. It may feel more like a cylinder of light or a beam of light, and it moves through each chakra. We have already focused our intention along with yours, bringing forth Gaia’s heart energy and blessed Christed Team energy, to fill you up and release that area of pain and turmoil. It may be a heavy heart, an emotion; it may be a niggly or sore joint, or it may be another area or a part of the body in discomfort. 

Our energies create a beautiful tone together, so it is helpful for you to tone your light as well. In other words, focus your light beam into a harmonic sound. And when you sound yours along with ours, and our tones come together, we create balance and grounding. When you wash our energies over and through, that is the time to expel with a dynamic breath. Move your breath deeply – and tone into your lungs. AHHHH!

Magdalene: Breathe not only into, but out and through, to precious areas that are ultra-sensitive. Focus your awareness and open up the breath. Perhaps you are feeling your knee more than normal. Bring breath there – and tone through your knee.

When we all assist your intention, ours has come with yours – and our light and frequency create changes you have been looking for. You may have been asking for assistance. This can be a potent tool for you – one that is simple, delightful, freeing – and one that can create change. 

Jesus Christ

It is easiest to know where you are before you begin the dance of light, sound and color – and then notice how you are, and the effects after the attunement. Perhaps you notice that your heart has filled with light. Breathe into and through your precious areas that feel ultra-sensitive, directing your breath there.  Focus, breathe and tone.

Then after you feel this is a fine amount of time for this  multi-dimensional attunement, once again, notice how you are: where you are feeling or not feeling a sensation. Perhaps you notice an incredible vibration of light and heart-filled energy all through your blessed being. Hurrah! We have succeeded – thanks to you and your guidance, and your ability to receive help with, assistance on all levels.

So this can be done sitting, standing, dancing, moving as you choose, lying down in comfort. You will understand which is most appropriate for you. 

In Peace and Loving Light,


Here’s a Recap –

You Can Start Your Clearing Here

Terra Rae: You may put on some deep-trance music. If you use Essential Oils, put them on the areas you are going to focus on. If you have sound tools – Tibetan and Crystal Bowls, or chimes, or tuning forks – use these. Even if you lie down, you can hit the tones. Start toning or humming. Breathe deeply into an area of concern. Visualize the Blue Triangle of Light above you, and invite them in.

Blue Planet Abstract Background

See them funnel this shimmering, Blue Diamond Ray of Light down around you, surrounding you with their Cape of Light. As you focus on an area, they will bring the light into you, right to this area. Breathe it in and tone into the area. Let it out with a deep breath and sound. Bring in the fuchsia, teal and gold colors of Magdalene’s robe to these areas as well. Remember to focus your awareness into each area. Do several breaths into these areas, and take your time and feel the experience. You may notice the changes. When you feel complete, stay there for a while, since you will be quite altered. Write down your experience and the changes. Give yourself a few days and do it again. 

What the Galactic Team Could See

Yeshua: This is part of the new level of opening for us all. We want to experience it together, and the more we assist and practice and share our joining heart-lights with others, it uplifts us as well. It assists the light grid in and around our precious planet – so every individual who partakes is helping planetary healing.

The more it magnifies the hearts of individuals, the more the planetary resonance is raised and can sing you all a precious song. Listen closely; it will change. And, as each of the different colors of our magnificence oscillates around you with this invocation – you will notice that it is easier for cells to change, open and release. It is a gentle vibrational massage.

Goddess Mary: I love the name, “Goddess Mary”, as I am such an incredible being of light! I love sharing this idea: that I allow the goddess in all to awaken! So know that I ride in on one Goddess Ray of Light!

So begin to grasp that this is for exuding joy and bliss and gratitude in each and every one of your cells. This gives you permission to realize that you are blessed, and perhaps you are able to receive, on many more levels than you had imagined.

Not only do we send this as a downward shower of light; we cannot help it as it exudes upwards as well. So we are all blessing the celestial beings and celestial objects of light when we co-create and participate. Woo hoo!

It activates cells and plants and animals. You may notice that there is a change in the spirit and attitude of those around you. It is one amazing means with which you can practice world upliftment. This is not a small contribution; it is greater than you. So be at peace now with being a part of the change.

“Goddess Mary”: I like the ring of that!

Terra: We of “Team Earth” were all exhilarated for several days, noticing relief in joints, spine, hips, clearer eyes and more. All of us were feeling very light-hearted. Yeah Team!

*Aspects: More about aspects – Click Here – Article: PERSONAL ASPECTS AND DIVINE TWINS

Crysta brought forth Yeshua, Magdalene, and Goddess Mary. She brings forth the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Goddesses and Dragons.