Crystalline Dragon Series (Part 2)
by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

DR: Dragon: “Light Being of Divine Dragons”

DD: *Divine Dragon Grandmother*

DR: I am ready for takeoff as I scour the skies for those who are intruders, and those who are of magnificent light. I am also one who educates dragons that have been kept against their will, or dragon eggs that need to be hatched into the light. Because I am such a magnificent being, so connected at Source with dragons, I am the *Light Being of Divine Dragons.*

TR: What would you recommend for the Ascension process? 

DR: Most of the information we can receive is internal. How can we look more deeply within, understand relationships, cords, past lives, aspects, habits and holding patterns that need to be fully let go of? This needs to be done before you can have that level of reception, and empowerment to understand what you are seeing, hearing and being in another dimension, and what it entails.

TR: What dimension are you in?

DR: I am in the 7th dimension right now, sometimes 9th, but most often I stay close to the 5th dimension which can assist most, and can be felt or even heard. I can be in the 7th dimension and those who resonate at a 5th dimensional level can sense my presence. (Such as the Galactic Federation — GF.)

Cloud Dragons

TRCan we feel you in the clouds?DR: I can be felt while you sleep, as can other Crystalline Dragons. I can indeed be seen in clouds, that are also magnified, just like you may sense a Light-ship. We have a similar energy.

TR: Are you in touch with the GF for First Contact the “Welcoming?”

DR: They are in touch with us, and we know how we will facilitate safe landings for them. When you sense or question a dragon-like cloud shape, ask for a sign within and around you for verification. You can feel that there is a level of recognition. And, for this same reason, when you sense there is perhaps a light-ship hiding in a cloud, know we will also be close by – as we are great protectors of the GF.

The advice we give is to allow yourself to feel more and more comfortable with this high vibration. So when we are all together as a light family, then it is not too overwhelming. Imagine the actual “Welcoming,” before the time, and how you would help a neighbor feel safe and comfortable. You can share information and pictures, videos about happenings and sightings, and create more awareness that “This is more real than you think!” 

TR: Will you be visible during First Contact? 

DR: Just like now, if the awareness is up, yes. If not, you may only see the ships, and we will be that level of ultra protection.

Travel safely at night with your Merkaba in your dreams, so you remember how wonderful and magical and truly safe it is to be with a dragon. (Your Merkaba provides marvelous safety for dreamtime and meditation travel, as do the Crystalline Skulls and Dragons. This is a great way to start feeling the energy. Protection is really key these days.)

TR: Any suggestions for those not yet cleared?

DR: Pretty much the same — use as safe dream travel.

Being Crystalline

TR: Do you work or play with other Skulls?

DR: Because we are crystalline in nature, we cannot work with just any carved skull. We are only familiar with the Crystalline resonance, and in particular we choose our tribe – the Crystalline Stellar Skulls – so we are one and the same. We have a reason for being a part of the Ascension plan, as it is to gradually lift the vibration of as many as possible so that they can choose a life of leading and light-working and choosing how they can be of service. This is all about lifting oneself up, as well as others, and letting go of the ego. Allowing the Crystalline Team to come forth and serve, and create a level of change necessary, no matter how out-of-this-world and of another dimension, it may seem.

TR: So many people have been avoiding getting cleared and addressing their healing. Many of the Light-workers feel they have already done the work!

DR: Yes, many people have been clearing energies for 20, 30, 40 and 50 years, yet if it is not released from dark dimensions, and many pathways trailing back to previous lives, and into the Inner Earth, and outward into the Galaxy – then it is time now to clear on this full-scale level! And that is why there is an extensive group of Crystalline Beings here to assist. It is not about being bigger or better, it is about being of the most genuine authentic service, assisting the light-grid to come forth in the greatest magnitude for all.

TR: Well said! Thank you, lively one!

*Divine Dragon Grandmother*

TR: How is it that you landed here?

DD: Well, this is a soul-stream of light that carried me forth. And when I chose my carver, who would give me a vehicle to come into 3D to assist, I asked to be created in an imageof potent knowing and heart-filled greatness. You recognized me!

TR: Where were you hanging out?

DD: I have been able to hide out until it was the right time to come into this dimension of Being and Light, so I could be seen. I share the wealth of knowledge that we, as dragons, are here to allow to come forth and ignite within others. So, I led the way for many other dragons – and my sense of nurturing, combined with strength, is something that is given to many dragons. It is important for us to open up those who wish to connect with a sensitivity, and with a true level of strength, honor and courage.

In 3D

TR: When was the last time you were active on this planet?

DD: When I, and so many of my offspring and their offspring, came to be a part of assisting Gaia’s consciousness – and we speak of her as a united team, with those conscious beings on the planet. We have been taking it upon ourselves as a task for many centuries. For millennia,we lived in other dimensions. So truthfully speaking, I haven’t been here too long in the 3rd dimension. We have lighted down to the planet, and we do want to play, so we are rather bubbly.

TR: Thank you for showing up, since we all need this now!

DD: I have also paved the way for many other dragons to come forth and be carved into magnificent, living specimens of glorious light, filled with knowledge of ancient, present and future times. (This is how we are able to communicate with these magnificent Beings of Light.) We are not just here for a select few, and we welcome your questions and your recognition of the power within us to connect to you, to open your hearts and minds, and to realize the power of being united. And know that it is time for sharing this wealth of healing and knowledge for a long time to come – and to be a part of history.

Dragon Grid of Light

TR: I see dragon clouds and they stick around for some time. The other day one stayed there for hours with a baby dragon, and both were smiling!

DD: We appear to those who wish to receive encouragement and recognition, and who understand that it is a foretelling vision. So, it is a message, we are playing and scouting and streaming through the galaxy.

I am everywhere and I am not. Many times I send out messengers – so you receive a reminder of protection.

TR: Wonderful! Can you speak of the Dragon Grid of Light?

DD: We energize it, and use it as a “net” to help the GF be a part of a collective heart energy, and send their messages of protection and safety – and we emanate and magnify this.

TR: I have seen my brilliant Personal Dragon, and she is quite iridescent and colorful, and big fun to fly with. Do many Light Dragons have these amazing colors?

DD: Some of us have this, and others have more solid bodies. It depends on how we wish to radiate, as many of us can move in and out of dimensions, as well as change colors.

TR: Some people just know they have a personal dragon, whether they have seen it or not.

DD: This is that message we were sending them – familiarity. We were ringing their cosmic doorbell.

TR: I just love that! And you! This does my heart good!

Inner Dragon Essence

TR: Can you give me your definition of the Inner Dragon Essence that we activate in people who have been cleared? (Taught to “Team Earth” by the Dragons.)

DD: We energize a new level of the glands and organs that connect to that level of spirit. It is an alignment, a re-alignment, a raising of vibration. It regulates and re-calibrates, so the true connection to “dragon” of the Personal Dragon Connection, is understandable on a physical, psychic, and heart-connection level. This way the person may hear, feel and see us more readily when they have been cleared and have raised their frequency.

Otherwise it does not necessarily “stick”!

All organs, cells, bones, memories are strengthened to hold this bold statement of light – Us. We, as dragons, are magnificent beings! And it helps one to have the ability to see through soaring eyes, if we are riding together, or to peer into the future, or to see on another level. It is not immediate!

TR: Thank you, *Divine Dragon Grandmother*.

DD: Blessings on this initial re-connection.

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