Speaking to Crystalline Dragons!

(Part 1) by Terra Rae

Beginning of the Dragons

Once upon a time, very, very long time ago, there were Dragons of Light that flew all over the Universe. These amazingly awesome Dragons assisted in the creation of this Universe and others and can be in many places at once in their multiverse experience. They actually came from the Origin Universes before this Time Space Universe. They recently shared that they helped many of us, particularly the Masters and Magdalene Creators with the Healing, Sound and Light Temples as well as the Galactic Council Tables that the Masters gathered at for council. This was done in the origin Universes as well.

The Dragons of Light have come back again to help with the Ascension and First Contact ~ The Welcoming. This is the lighting down of the Light-ships of the Galactic Federation of Light (GF) – your family – to assist with all positive changes in a compassionate way. This is the true beginning of 5D on Earth (once again), where everything gets cleaned up and war is not even a thought.

TR: What are the origins and timelines of the first or early dragons?

Dragon: We have come in from many times and places, so yes, sometimes the GF was present and we created seeds of Universes. So pick and choose, our creation was when many wished, hoped and understood help was needed, and these creators themselves manifested.

So it was a synchronicity that we initiated our Stellar Beings coming in from another Dimension to help with creation of Temples, Planets, etc.. Here, specifically in this Universe, we helped transition from one timeline to another, when various explosions happened. We did this when we were guided to assist in the re-creation, and now as we are going to assist with the re-developement of Terra Crysta ~ the New Earth!

TR: Well, since it is my understanding that the GF was created after the planet Avyon in the constellation of Lyra, was blown up, were some of the Dragons created in the other Universes and some in this one?

Dragons: What this means is, there is a place back in the beginning, and we used abilities of Galactic Goddess (Divine Mother), Archangels and PC (Prime Creator), the GF ~ and yes, we were a total team, creating, dreaming and looking at all of the possibilities.

TR: Do you change forms?

Dragon: So many times now, angelic beings come in as dragons, or dragons recreate as angels. Archangels usually are their own entities and not moving from an angelic presence to dragons.

TR: Even the Archangels are not able to see the dragons’ amazing high-dimensional crystalline frequencies of Light, unless the dragons are close around them flapping their wings and shimmering. Archangel Metatron said he could see the shimmer and feel them when they were up close and friendly.

“Reptilians are Great in their Dark Dimensions —

We are extraordinarily brilliant in the Light Dimensions! We shine our vibrational resonance, which is evident.”  *Warrior of the Dragon Nation*

Dragons did not start their existence in a dark dimension. They did not have to work their way up from a lower frequency or dimension. Many reptilians have been created or transformed from dark beings in the dark dimensions, as well as within the constellation of Draco.
Original Dragons were created in the Crystalline Light Dimensions and shine their radiance in these brilliant Dimensions of Light. Most like to stay in the higher dimensions, especially the 33rd, where they are unseen and can do their work and play from there. They have many different dragon forms, sizes, colors and many different types of appendages. Some of the dragons will also change colors if needed as they come in closer to 3D.

Speaking to a Dragon Leader

Crystalline Stellar Skull #1D - *Warrior of Dragon Nation*

Skull#1D – *Warrior of Dragon Nation*

We have a crew of more than amazing, gargantuan, extraordinary, masterful dragons that have been working with us. Several years ago when we first started speaking to them, and I asked why they had shown up now, it was *Warrior of the Dragon Nation* (blowing my mind that he even showed up) that shared, saying that since he was one of the leaders, he would speak for all of the Dragon Tribe. He said that, “They are the great protectors of the GF, who are our great protectors. They have always been a part of an Ascension or a First Contact of the Lightships of the GF. It is their job. They will be leading the Lightships to Earth safely and keep them protected as they come in to land.

“Some people may even be able to see us,” he said.
“It will truly be ‘a day’ when all of the Dragons will be flying for you to see. There will be many thousands. We plan on this for “First Contact ~ The Welcoming.

Dragons and the Galactic Federation of Light

I asked this dragon if the Commander of the GF was aware of the dragons, and the dragons’ job of protecting them? He didn’t think so! I told him that I would be informing the Commander of this ASAP.

“Holy guacamole, he really needs to know of this as soon as possible!” I stated. This actually surprised the Commander then, and he and his team are very aware of the amazing Light Dragons now. I have to impress upon you that this is more than an amazing gift for us on Earth.

*Warrior* also informed me that they do NOT protect the dark ships or black triangular ships.

He stated that, “We have always been the protectors of the ships of Light. It is our duty, as we are Galactic Peacekeepers, to assist with the initial landing of the peaceful ships. This has remained constant throughout history. Where the beings of light land, we are there to make sure it will be safe!

We also make sure our Light-workers are protected. They merely need to know that we exist, and we understand that the Crystalline Skulls here, let some of the beings know that they do have a Personal Light Dragon. So part of the tasks of the Crystalline Skulls here, is enlightening those who are seeking to be Cleared to the Core, as that is when their Personal Light Dragon, can come in fully.”

Personal Light Dragons

Personal Dragons that align with a particular individual are able to drop down to 7D and 5D to be closer to 3D. This way they can protect and watch over the individual and their family. The individual can also learn to fly on them and ask to safely check out Earth, other planets or the Galaxy. We also recommend inviting a Stellar Skull with you for exploring and flights.
A long time ago the dark hats or dark wizards started capturing peoples’ personal Dragons and would take them to places, like the Draco star system, to torture them into being ‘dark dragons’.
They have been used extensively by the reptilians and dark hats for their work, against their will.
Many, many of these are now being rescued and brought home to the Light Dragons to be with a Dragon who is a Dragon Tamer. A long time ago there were people who were Dragon Tamers here and on other planets. Some people are waking up to this amazing skill once again.

Inner Dragon Essence

Inner Dragon Essence is an activation of the glands to awaken your own Inner Dragon as well as creating a constellation within the glands, so each cell can take you to the stars, and prepare you for your Personal Dragon. This is a Stardust Activation that brings vibrancy to chakras and activates your crystalline structure. This inner constellation can then connect you to brilliant constellations of light in the Galaxy, and later to Dragons of Light. It also prepares one for their Personal Dragon to return, which is retrieved by *Seeker of Dragons,* or one of the Dragon retrievers. We then are able to have your personal Dragon address you, learn their name and special skills and possibilities. You may possibly hear them as well!

We were taught the Inner Dragon Essence by the Light Dragons who want people to have this activation, since they feel it is quite important. So do we! Here is what they say it does, and why it is important to have been Cleared to the Core first with “Team Earth’s” Stellar work, before receiving the Inner Dragon Essence and your Personal Dragon.

Inner Dragon Essence expressed by *Divine Dragon Grandmother*

Divine Dragon Grandmother (DDG) has brought forth many Dragon lines into existence. She is quite incredible ~ to say the least!

TR: Can you give me your definition of the Inner Dragon Essence we activate in people that have been cleared?

DDG: We energize a new level of the glands and organs connecting to that level of Spirit, Higher Self or Divine Essence. It is an alignment, a re-alignment, a raising of one’s vibration. It regulates and re-calibrates, so the true connection to “dragon” of the Personal Dragon Connection, is understandable on a physical, psychic, and heart connection level, so the person may hear, feel and see us more readily.
Otherwise it does not necessarily “stick”!
All organs, cells, bones and memories are strengthened to hold this bold statement of light – Us – Crystalline Dragons. We, the dragons, are magnificent beings! The Dragon Essence helps them to have the ability to see through soaring eyes, if we are riding together, or peering into the future, or seeing on another level. It is not immediate, it takes practice!

TR: Some people just know they have a personal dragon, whether they have seen it or not.

DDG: This is the message we were sending them – familiarity. We were ringing their cosmic doorbell! This is why an individual has artwork, jewelry, carvings and images of dragons around them.

TR: Some of the Light Dragons in the past told us not to activate the Inner Dragon Essence and bring back their Personal Dragon until they were totally cleared of the devices, creatures and implants from the dark dimensions. Is that still recommended?

DDG: The truth is, our potency would not be comfortable if one was not cleared, and not activated to the Inner Dragon Essence. So, it is a responsibility and a vibrational level of acceptance that one needs to be aware of, in order for the harmonious relationship to happen. We still feel, yes, this is the case.

TR: In our clearing work, when looking at a person in 5D and 7D to see what’s there, and quite nefarious, often we find shields tied to the person’s front or back, which had been their light shields. Many times these shields, swords, even armor have dragons, and even a dragon language on them. The original light magic on this gear has been reversed by the dark wizards for their dark deeds, with programming to stay away from dragons with no hope of reintegration of their Personal Light Dragon. It’s designed to strip the individual of their self empowerment, with much more dark wizardry overlaid in the armor. Negative EMFs are aimed at this to keep their dark magic alive. It usually repels powerful people, loving relationships, connection to Gaia and everything good. These are common in many Light-workers’ light bodies.

DDG: What we notice is those Light-workers who have their personal dragon, feel the strength from within. They often feel their abilities from strong previous lives, and are able to reactivate others around them. They see their paths clearly and create the changes they need to move forward at an accelerated pace.

Voice of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Dragons and Galactic Team through the Heart of Crysta, working with “Team Earth.”

Are you Ready for Your Personal Dragon?
Proceed with Anticipation!

*If you have not started the clearing work with “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Team, call us to get started.
*If you have started and not had the master glands in your head and your heart cleared and opened, along with the “Retrievals” of Soul Essences, Heart-lights and Stardust, we recommend you finish this amazing level of clearing. You may then be ready to have the Inner Dragon Essence and Personal Dragon brought back.
*If you have done the full Clearing to the Core ~ your personal dragon is waiting for you!

Love, Light and Joy,
from “Team Earth” and the Dragon Nation