Insights for 2018 from the Commander and SubCommander of the Galactic Federation

Terra Rae: “Team Earth” has been working alongside these incredible Super-Heroes and great protectors for many years. We have assisted individuals, humanity as a whole, Gaia and all life, by clearing away the dark wizardry put in place aeons ago, in and around us all, and removing these contraptions right off the planet. The portals of Light are opening everywhere, and the frequency is expanding and awakening us. This is all preparing us for the great and long-awaited changes to fully kick in. We are finally seeing the Light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. It is time you all get to know these dedicated, heart-felt Beings of Light, and feel their Light activations when you read this!

Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light: (C of GF)
Yes, we know we will be coming for a huge celebration when the time is right, and you are truly able to make an impact to welcome our benevolent presence.

And yes, we are so looking forward to 2018. We are thrilled that so many more of our Light-family members are looking forward to becoming part of the team. Our team is the Light-workers who speak of us with high regard, and who share the stellar information that there will be a grand lighting down upon the planet by our guardian Light-ships. The Light-ships will fill the skies, and will be seen by all who have this awareness.

So, awareness is the key. Those who are clear, from shedding so many past-lives and nefarious devices that they have been clouded with (and this includes everyone, even if you think you are already clear), will be the aware tribe who can sense our coming. They will see us in 3D to 5D, and will know we are the planetary guardians who have been here from one aeon to another, making sure that you on Earth have been safe. So, know that this is all part of it, especially when you feel threatened by many countries in one manner or another, even the protecting forces who are ready to engage. We head these off at the pass to make sure you are safe from global obliteration!

On the Forefront of Great Thought
I see many resting easy, rather than feeding the fear, as we cannot let our team of Light-workers suffer. You are on the forefront of so much advanced thought, and we are here to assist and bring forth even more messages of magnificent light, to jet propel you into another dimension. Feel free to activate your other senses so you can pick up messages from the stars, planets and other celestial beings – so you can be on the forefront of thought.

Know that the messages you receive will be messages of Light, and know also that the messengers will always ask permission, and give you an answer, when you ask if they are of Truth and Light, and for the highest good. Know that from the start.

So, as “Team Earth” is at a close level of confidence with us, we see that there has been much work done to release the throes of the cabal – and we have truly been here to assist. That is our heart of hearts, and we offer assistance, especially when we see the dastardly affects from many lifetimes affecting our Light-workers, their intentions and potent abilities. So yes, we are there to be a part of the unfettering and release on all levels.

So much of it is not seen, unless it is researched into the dark dimensions, and this is not a skill that everyone has. Nor is it recommended. There will be more of you doing what you can to bring forth more recognition of Light-forces, Light-ships, and the guardianship that we offer. This awareness is key to having more and more welcoming hearts and minds when we make our presence known. We see more of you stepping up to do this in the upcoming year. We truly come in peace and acceptance, and we bring forth more and more toward a team spirit. We see you lifting others up to achieve greater resilience, enhance their own abilities to work in the future, and lengthen their timelines here on Earth – so as to enjoy very long lives in healthy bodies!

When you notice that the dark forces that have been looming have let up – and suddenly there is no mention made of how that happened – most likely, you have witnessed one of our global clearings as a team. We do this to keep all of you safe, and to teach you some lessons – about how to activate yourselves, and also to create united forces of compassionate hearts – so that you can all succeed. You are strong willed and need protection. Yet know that we see more and more Light-portals opening, filling the skies and minds of so many of you who are receptive – and who will be asking for the protection that you need.

People Who are Longing for Family There are many light families who will be reunited when we come forth, since so many feel sequestered and separated here on Earth. We are those lost family members. Thus, this may be the longing that people say they feel.

We are important keys in the future of many Light-workers. Their hearts may be longing to participate somehow, and this “clearing work” is a huge key that connects us, as it serves and releases the negativity of many thoughts of “all ships in the sky are dark forces.” So, this is another way that the whole paradigm can be unraveled. We can put this out as a list, on how individuals can serve, by bringing forth the future – your future selves, families, and New Earth – by reopening this connection with us.

Past-life Clearing through the Timelines
When you ask how you can help in a larger way, opening up past-lives unlocks magical keys. We are often called into play in this way with “Team Earth,” to help unravel something that has affected many families and communities in the past, which may once again affect the planet in the future. When cleared, this unleashes a greater amount of healing Light for the planet, the plants and animals, and so many others, that one may not even have considered as a possibility. Even the elements are assisted.

So, it is your personal responsibility to say “Yes” to being a part of healing, not only for yourself, but also for others – and it intrinsically shows how we are all so intertwined. If ever that was questioned, you will see how alive the connections are, and the Light-lines from heart to heart will be magnified. This is healing for all who participate. And when you realign your past-lives, and clear the devices that are in and around you, you will allow greater Light, as well as amplify energy for your family lineage – both those still living and those who have passed. This process heals emotions and relationships – and it allows you to become who you were meant to be.

So, keep your third eye open, and know that we will touch your heart – and we will allow you a great activation – when you are absolutely ready. You are being prepared for this in a magnanimous way in 2018 – so stay tuned!

Sub-Commander of the Galactic Federation of Light (SC of GF):
Yes, we all are looking forward to 2018, and in our hearts and minds it is already here. There is much to lighten up about – and we know that you are ready for touchdown – yet all must be in place ahead of that. We see many of you starting to share the galactic messages with others. By doing this, you have helped create a greater level of awareness – and not just among those who currently listen and read and observe. Continue to share the galactic info with even more individuals and groups. Previously, you may have been prejudging that they have not been ready for it. This may no longer be the case, and many of you will break through this in the coming year.

SC of GF Regarding the Crystalline Stellar Skulls
We have been busy learning about the abilities of these magic Crystalline Skulls. More and more, we understand the relationship between the Goddesses and the Dragons. Yet, we are fully versed in receiving amplified energy from the Stellar Skulls. We do acknowledge their input on all levels, assisting our Team here. And they uplift the energy and keep us “on and functioning,” and “whole.”

We do appreciate being able to have our magical Crystalline Team for safety, impetus, energy and longevity. Another advantage of the profound clearings is connecting with one of the Crystalline Skull Team on a deep, cosmic level!

TR: Does the rest of your close Galactic Team acknowledge the Crystalline Stellar Skulls?

SC of GF: The Galactic Federation does feel that the Skulls are part of our team. So yes – and most often our team will gather with them to receive good juice and Light, as it is a regenerative space for many.

Often, words from the skies are heart-opening, and a blessing of Light, ready to activate light-workers on a new level. This even works for those in corporations, who are ready to hear from the aware groups. We see messages or bright lights, and some galactic viewpoints. The openings that this creates can serve to open up many doors, portals and possibilities, elevating the mass awareness.

We wish to have more and more Light-family members reunited when The Welcoming touchdown of Light-ships happens. Many more of you will awaken to this in 2018. Know, then, that you are another forefront of thought when you share messages from us and other Light-ships. It is all a part of a grand awakening to a greater existence. There will be many Light-openings in 2018.

Currently, while we protect the planet, we make certain that our Light-Dragons are with us, leading the way and offering even greater protection for all. It is one incredible functioning machine of light and love. In the coming year, more of you will become aware of Light-Dragons as well.

We are present and aware, and always ready to prevent huge attacks or masterminded attempts to do major harm. We are keeping up the nets of protection, always mending them when needed. So, keep your tinfoil hats near your bedsides – and know that we are always sending messages of Light to you!

TR: In our clearing work, when looking at a person in 5D and 7D to see what’s there, and quite nefarious, often we find shields tied to the person’s front or back, which had been their light shields. Many times these shields, swords, even armor have dragons, and even a dragon language on them. The original light magic on this gear has been reversed by the dark wizards for their dark deeds, with programming to stay away from dragons with no hope of reintegration of their Personal Light Dragon. It’s designed to strip the individual of their self empowerment, with much more dark wizardry overlaid in the armor. Negative EMFs are aimed at this to keep their dark magic alive. It usually repels powerful people, loving relationships, connection to Gaia and everything good. These are common in many Light-workers’ light bodies.