Fatima, Lucia and the Luminescent Ladies — Secrets Revealed
Part 2

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

(After the Regression work with Anna, I had called in Yeshua (Jesus) to ask if He wanted this to be written. His was His reply: “Absolutely! Don’t change one word from that little girl! People need to know the truth!”)

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The Crystalline Stellar Skulls (CSS) give fabulous insights as to what some of the phenomena really was, and how it is preparing people for First Contact ~ “The Welcoming!”)

Lucia Remembers

TR: Tell me what you remember of this gathering at noon, on the day, when The Lady told you she would return on May 13, 1917.

Lucia: It was sunny and bright that day as I went up on the hill. Hardly any men were there. (This was in the middle of World War I, and many of the men and older boys had been called to war.) There was a beautiful woman standing in front of a small, seated group. She was between me and the group, she had her hair tied up nicely, and she wore a red apron. I had not seen a red apron before. I felt comfortable with her there.

I remembered the time before, when it was an actual procession of lights in the sky. It seemed to be close to sunset. Before Mary brought in Yeshua (Jesus), I could see windows in the cloud that was right above me. There was a warm, gold light inside, and people were actually waving at me. Then, Mary and her friend came from a sparkling blue light in that cloud. I had been watching them come in from on top of the hill near the ledge, facing away from the village. Once Mary and her friend joined me on the cliff, it was actually quite bright. When I went back over the events, I realized that the lights had gone right over the town – and that the Bishop, in his fancy dress, knew they were there – which is why he was so angry. He was so grandiose, which was such a contrast to the poverty in the area.

I know that I had revealed something that was hidden, after Mary  and her friends showed up in such a grand way. I was now trusting, and I was being the communicator to move forward. Nobody would have believed me if something big hadn’t taken place!

May 13, Up on the Hill

TR: Did you notice a special light around you that felt as if it was keeping you safe?

Lucia: Yes, it went out to where the lady in the red apron was. It felt wonderful! This was a white light, and it did keep people away from me. I had no fear at all.

This time I saw a large cloud with lights move straight over the hilltop, and Mary came right down in a blue beam of light. She had me turn and face the women on the hill, and again she was in front of me, so that I could see what was happening. I realized that this was very different, since the people could only see a blue and white light on the hill, and I could see her human form. It felt as if she was speaking to the women – and not to me directly – which was also different. She told me to hold up my hands again, and to send the blue light to all those on the hill.

TR: What is she wearing?

Lucia: A blue dress that is more fitted and pretty. It has no sleeves, and it has a lower neckline. Her hair is down and fluttering in the wind. She is calm, and yet she presents a great authority. She too holds her hands out, and a blue beam comes right down through her and into the Earth. I could see the women relax even more. Then the blue light came right back up from the Earth, and right into all of us.

TR: Can you tell us what she says to them, and can they hear her? 

Lucia: I believe some of them could hear her. It depended on their beliefs, and what they were hoping to see, according to these beliefs. If they were open, and their heart was open to whatever came forth, they would hear a lot. If they already had ideas of what they wanted to see or hear, they wouldn’t hear much!

Mary told them to be confident and compassionate. She spoke of them as being women who have been downtrodden, and told them to hold their heads up high and speak their truth, and not be afraid. She pointed out the rigidity in their beliefs. She also told them to feel their sensuality and femininity – and not to be matronly or quiet, seemingly with no power. She also asked them to support their daughters in these ideas.

Mary also told the women that it was important that they had come to the hill on this particular day. She told them that they were being “seeded” as powerful women, who would reappear in future lives. That was a new idea for me. She expressed to them all that they were to let many other women know of this event, so that more and more would come. This group seemed to have had a special invitation to be there. I know I was an important part of this gathering, as well as the others.

The Other Events on the 13th

TR: Can you share some of the other events?

Lucia: I realized, as some of the other events took place, that there were many people who were supposed to be there for many reasons, and who needed to hear certain things at certain times. I didn’t understand all that was said at the time.

I could also feel the presence of Yeshua, although I didn’t see Him again until October. I could feel His heart come into the area, and I felt him leading the way. He was the supportive male energy that seemed so needed.

The Lady spoke of Russia, and of the importance of not letting a dictator take over. Russia is the Motherland!  Its beauty, wilderness and great lands have a “key” on this planet, to the heart — strong, yet delicate. She stressed the idea that if a ruler stopped the religions and the people from doing ceremony in the Motherland, that another war could follow the one happening at that time. “Hear the voice of Russia and stop the dictators,” she stressed. “Do whatever you can to stop this. It is terribly wrong.”

I could see that the people who had come were not interested in me, but in the Lady. I was glad, since I did not want to be in the forefront. I only wanted to be of service where I could.

Each gathering felt like a follow-up to the events that had already taken place, and was only there to put people on the right path. It felt as if there was a huge cleansing happening each time. I saw and felt many different things with the lights, sounds, smells; the pink and blue clouds; and all the different experiences.

Mary wore something different at each Event. Her dress was more beautiful and sensual for each successive gathering. I realized that this was part of her message, since she addressed the women at all of the gatherings. Many men heard this as well, since it was also for some of them.

TR: Did she wear a veil or cloth over her head?

Lucia: Only at first, and sometimes when we met in the grass. I think the veil wentto her shoulders.

She came across as more graceful, elegant and sensual each time I saw her – yet she always showed great authority! She spoke to the women about the idea of confidence, and told them that they have the ability for grace and sensuality.

TR: What about your two cousins?

Lucia: After the events, I was called forth by different people to explain as much as I could. I didn’t really want to tell them much. I don’t even think they were on the hill. They started telling me what Fernando and his sister Jacinta had been telling them. They had told their mother that it was Mother Mary who was on the hill from the beginning. This annoyed me, since I had never said that to them, or told them who was in the grass with me. My two cousins liked the attention at first, but then they couldn’t tell anyone much, and they told the authorities to come to me, since I was the one who had really heard the messages. They said that Mary told them to do the rosary a lot, and to say Hail Marys. They also said she was only three feet tall, and dressed like the statue in the church. I believe that they were feeling guilty and ashamed of their lies. They were attracting all the wrong people to them.

TR: Did Mary have you do the rosary and say Hail Marys?  

Lucia: Oh no – never! She really did not like the image that the “Church” portrayed of her! It disturbed her, and she was working hard to show a different image of a powerful woman—a warrior woman!

October 13 – The Grand Finale

Lucia: This day already felt different. There were so many people. The hill was covered with them, as far as I could see. I guess those first women and some of the others really had told people to come. I realize now that I could see many who had a black energy around them. I could also spot the ones who had a lot of light around them. Some had gold light, and some even had the blue light. Mary had told all of us that this day would bring great proof that they were there, and that wonderful miracles would take place!

It must have been noon, on this sunny day, when a peculiar sound came up. Not the sound of winds and rain, but an odd, loud sound, as a huge, flashing cloud came over us. Sometimes the sound was gurgling, and sometimes it was buzzing. This was not like the other times, or the time that the progression of lit-up clouds came. This sound was so much bigger – and I could actually hear its approach. There was also a strong smell, which I could almost feel. I knew I was standing under a great presence, and I felt very confident, peaceful and calm. Blue-and-white lightning was flashing everywhere, and the sounds were coming from many directions. If I had not seen the progression of lights several months earlier, and some of the others at these Events, I probably would have been very frightened. But not now! I was calm and confident! There were many lights of different colors all around the huge cloud, and some were flashing. Sometimes, pretty pink clouds floated over the crowd.

The energy at first was actually chilling, since it felt as though an even higher presence was behind this cloud. A really big one! People miles away might have seen the full impact. It moved right over the sun, and many people were yelling, “It must be an eclipse,” since it got rather dark, but only for a short time. And then the lightning flashes would light up the area. It seemed very exciting, and I was sure that everyone could see this. It had been raining, and everybody was really wet and muddy.

TR: Did Mary come in her blue beam?

Lucia: Yes indeed! Her presence was not the feminine warmth that she had shown before. It had the coolness of a higher or greater presence, again with great authority. This time, there were others behind her, all around the oak tree, though I am not sure that people saw them. Mary was in a brilliant, sparkling, blue-and-white light, and I couldn’t see her physical form the way I did before. (At least I couldn’t at first, since she was flying around a lot.) I could tell that many people could see this brilliant light. The Lady and the others held out their hands, and many people experienced an instant healing. It stopped raining, then the cloud moved, and then everyone was dried and warm in an instant.

The Dancing Sun

TR: Did you see the sun spinning and dancing? So many people saw this.

Lucia: It all really shimmered, and I had seen this before. But it was never this big. This big cloud then seemed to be bouncing around, with a lot of added sound and lights – and some people were frightened. The sun was spinning, with sparklers flying off the edges, like a pinwheel. It seemed to move in closer to the crowd, then back again. I could easily look right into the sun without hurting my eyes. I believe that everyone received something while the sun was dancing. Those who were “in their hearts” received a lot. It was very exciting, and many people were screaming and praying. Some were just smiling and happy.

CSS: These were times when different ships came into the light and over the sun and radiated their essence. They had different motions that made the solar presence look as though it had special effects going on. This also means that it created different vibrational healings from the energy of the ships, which came in gradually for the spirits of the people. One healing – another – then another. When the lights come in gradually, creating a gentle introduction of the high energy, it helps people receive the healings.

Showering of Angel Hair 

TR: Lucia, did you see the showering flowers, or what some people referred to as Angel Hair? (Sparkly threads or petals of white and silver showered down upon the people, onto houses in the area, and on the ground. When people tried to touch it, or gather some of what was also described as rose petals of light, it would disappear.)

Lucia: It was really pretty, and we were giggling, and we felt great joy. It was like snowflakes. They were different sizes, and some had light threads within them. I guess some of them looked like flower petals, but they were not flowers. They came from above, floated around and landed on a lot of us, only to disappear quickly. It made me feel really happy! Some other people were happy too when this happened.

(TR: I asked the Stellar Skulls to explain the angel hair, and the different sounds that so many saw and heard. Much research surrounded this event, and no one seemed to have a clue about what it was about. In the UFO community, when a UFO passes by in an area, there are many similar sightings of the showering of threads and petals.)

Crystalline Stellar Skulls (CSS) on Angel Hair and Sounds

CSS: This is the other-worldly light, transforming into Earthly light. It came from other, higher dimensions, weaving in between dimensions to 3D. A netting of light raising vibrations. 

The Different Sounds

CSS: The whirring that people sometimes heard, was a part of them that was receiving a vibrational healing – of tones, that their own body needed and accepted. Since the ships can light down without sound, they also create the sounds for an integration into the physical body. It worked nicely for those who were receiving the Light Families from above. It is a gentle reverberation of Earthly light, and an extremely high, healing vibration.

When people received the vibrational healing, some were almost frozen in time, and this level of receiving had an effect upon them. Yet many could not remember it, because their Earthly bodies had not received such a high level of vibrational healing before. It created a dream-like state for many. The blissful sensation made them unaware of time and space, because this was a consecration of loving light from other Universes.

The Third Secret

TR: Do you understand what is referred to as “The Third Secret”?

Lucia: The last big Event on the hill went on for quite a while. So much was happening. I could feel later in the afternoon that The Lady and all the bright lights were getting ready to leave. I had asked the Lady when I would see her again. She told me that I certainly would see her in the future, but that we could talk any time. She said that she and the others would be back in this Vehicle of Light, with many others present in their Light Vehicles as well. She said to keep this secret for the time being, and that she would let me know when this was to take place. Later, everyone wanted to know this secret.

(Many years later, Lucia gave the secret to a Bishop when she thought she was dying. He pried it out of her, then made her write it down on a piece of paper. She felt uncomfortable about this, and knew that she had made a big mistake – since the Church lied about this a lot. They said that Lucia had predicted an attempt on the life of one of the Popes. However, she never saw that happen, and she didn’t see any of the other predictions that the Church had put forth from her.)

Anna/Lucia: Now that I can look from Anna’s eyes, I realize that the “clouds” were Light-ships, or UFOs to some, and that the last one was a Mothership. It was actually Yeshua’s ship – and probably the Marys’ ship as well.

TR: Yeshua let us know that it was The New Jerusalem, which does carry the C-Team (the Christed Ones.) And yes, it will return for First Contact — “The Welcoming!” They will come together, with many other Light Vehicles or Light-ships, that will light down all together around the planet.

Anna /Lucia: I had asked my father, after the last Event, if I could get out of the village and talk to people about this. He just wouldn’t have it. Four years later I was put in a home – like a Detention Center – where they put girls with a mind of their own, or who were pregnant. Two years after that, I was sent to a convent for the rest of my life. I was told not to speak of this again to anybody. The “Church” tried diligently to change my view and the stories I carried.

I now realize that I felt that Mary, Russia – the Motherland, and I myself – were very similar in our experiences. I also felt that the very blond, blue-eyed boys I’d seen in that church, in cages, by the way, were like Mary’s family, and may have been from Russia. They held a particularly bright light, probably for future events.

All three of us were shot down in a big way. Mary was portrayed as a weak female and mother, not able to speak or show any power. She was always portrayed with her head down, as a subservient one. The “Church” pushed her into the background.

The kids represented Russia, which was annihilated, and they were also not able to speak for themselves, or escape, until we came and got them. The Russian people are so held back, and not able to defend Russia, and speak for their beloved Motherland, and definitely not for themselves.

As Lucia, I was completely cut off, and made to believe that this was the best and safest way to be, when I was sent away. I trusted the wrong people in the “Church.” People then could not accept the ideas about Russia, and definitely not the ideas about being strong and powerful women. They didn’t believe my stories, and the “Church” distorted all of this, and held back most of the truth, creating many convenient lies about a lot of this.

Anna’s Personal Feelings

I now see the incredible importance of my doing this work to bring this forth, and finally clearing Lucia, and myself as Anna. It feels so timely for women to hear this story! I, too, have been ruled by men, made to feel lesser than, not good enough, and with no power or strength. In this lifetime, I have to feel and believe that no one has authority over me. I am finally coming into my own, and I realize the love that Mary and her family were portraying to all who came to those “Events,” especially the women. It was for this time now!

TR: I feel that many of the people at the Events are some of the sparkling bright Lights of today, because of their activations, and their willingness to show up and to hear with their hearts. The people expected Mary to stop the war, without taking a stand or speaking their own truth. These are some of the people who do take a stand in this life. Her cousins Jacinta and Fernando became very quiet and confused after the Events. Both of them died of influenza two years later. But first, the “Church” and the local doctor decided that Jacinta would be able to breathe better if they removed a rib from her, which they did. She died the next day. Interesting metaphor!

From Then Until Now, 100 Years Later, from the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Mary – The Lady

CSS: “We are appreciative of this exposure, and the true telling of the full circle of all the experiences on the hill, in the town, and especially in the skies.

This gives the receivership an idea of what is to come, on a grand scale – for the “Welcoming!” So, it is a little bit like having a homeopathic remedy, in that small amounts of the full experience, of light-filling, blasting of the energies from the Light Family – and true heart openings – will make the experience happen. It will be remembered and re-remembered by many. So, this is often a sighting that others have witnessed before – yet, they have put it out of their memory in disbelief.

“So, knowing the New Jerusalem as a ship of light, with many hearing a new version of this story, brings to mind that others will begin to accept this on a new level. They may feel a heart opening of greater possibilities – which unites the Heavens and the Earth.

“It’s good for people to know that when the team of ships surrounded the area, all were ready and waiting and open to knowing more. (60,000 people showed up on October 13th.) There was immediate acceptance that whatever would happen would be grand! The true regeneration of opening the selves up, to reuniting with Light Family, was sparked. So, this will be the same again – as the Light Beings transform the present into the future. They are transformational workers, and they are the ones who will radiate the connection into a new mode of reality. Thus, the compassionate awareness and regeneration of hearts, connecting like a new grid of light, will be even greater than it is now.

‘“This was all about being able to have an openness among all, and about receiving – like a safety net. As in, ‘We here on Earth, as one family we’re here – we are ready to catch you and the Light! We back you up, and we are ready, willing and able to hear and know more. We trust on all levels – expanding our awareness and abilities – as well as sharing an unequivocal, loving light and joyful spiritual awakening.”’

“It’s almost like a birthing party, as all are being christened on one level or another. They are being christened with a Blue Ray, with Golden Light. Many felt moved on different levels, as was appropriate for each individual. So, not only did some have their own filters, but the Light Team also allowed a level of gentle, loving light to transform – just in the right dose – for each person.”

Mother MARY—The Lady: I feel as though I am sharing a new voice with your words, and with the Fatima Update. This is very timely, as many women now are finding their voices on a new level. I did appear in many forms, and in many arrays of clothing, as a statement that we – as a unified circle of potent women and men – are to be visible, heard, loved and followed on different levels.

This means, knowing that we stand on a level of grounded heart energy, that we are vehicles of light for the strong feminine. We are sexual and creative, and we can tell that story while we educate, pass on traditions, birth children, continue to be of service, lead ceremonies, and empower other women. We are also meant to lead the way for the youth of our world, and for men, as we have another deep understanding of the planet – and of love, connections, and connecting with others. Because of our awareness, we take many communities and hearts into consideration. We look at the big picture, the overview, and we think ahead as to how these movements or actions will assist and affect others. We most often keep that perspective, and this is a potent tool or technique that is of utmost importance that is to be shared and learned by others. It is a means in which to collaborate, and to create strong tribes of light and love.

Messages to Many

The message to the many, and often to children – initially, at that time – was to be open and aware, and to speak up. So many children knew the Earth then, and the Fairy Community, as well as the effects of the weather upon people, and even upon the animals.

The sensitivity to Earth changes – even low-pressure systems – was noticeable, and many times the children were not encouraged to be creative or connected to the planet, or to speak to “invisible friends.” Sometimes these children were brilliant – and they saw spirits. Yet often, the awareness of other realms was something that the children understood – but their parents squelched that.

My message, and that of my sisters, was to be sensitive and strong, speak your mind, and be the creative thinker – allowing yourself to receive messages – and question always, asking for deep understanding within. So, if a person or situation seemed “off,” there was most likely a reason for this. Our deep connection was to invoke spiritually, both through heavenly messages and Earthly messages. So, this was an intrinsic awareness of the heart – a heart knowing and heart blessing – a heart intuition and heart understanding. That is the easiest way to speak of how we hoped we would be understood. We all have an affinity to the ancient traditions that have passed down through the ethers, realms and lineages of people through spoken word. What this says is that speaking, telling stories and sharing intuitions is “key.”

Knowing how you feel is important! And taking time to listen to ourselves, as a means in which to be a balance for heaven and Earth – tapping into the internal knowingness – is vital as well. It truly is a means in which to gravitate, and to love and to love yourself. And it is a way to make sure that you do not give up every bit of your energy for anyone else.

When each of us appeared, we made certain that the energy was grounded. We hoped that our light, and our love, were felt, and that they created change in every way that change was needed. In other words, a physical, or psychological, or emotional healing would represent one level. This was most appropriate, and we gave that level of honor, love and care, to take the personal level of integration into account. This was also a message that we shared: to listen to others, and take their hearts and feelings into account. That awareness kept people’s hearts open and allowed for a much greater level of peace and harmony, of bliss and co-creation.

This is how we see the future opening up to the levels of ascending to a higher vibration, and to be able to receive a new awareness. This is also how we understand – as a team of Marys – that we will be able to welcome in the family of Light Ships. And with this new energy, we will be able to have a profound effect upon humanity. It will allow us all to rise up together, with grace, love and ease. It will be a true feeling of coming home – and of receiving family on a much larger scale.

So, truth be told, our message was simple. When we resonate with these humanitarian goals and intentions in mind, we uplift, and we raise our vibrations. This is contagious, and it is life changing for many! This is the core of our spiritual message. We often ended the light show (or the grand rays of light upon the children or crowds), with an uplifting feeling of the Pink Ray of love! This ties the Pink Ray to all, for regeneration, upliftment and connection. As you can imagine, much of our presence was about actually being together – with more, even, than words. It was the heart opening of the rays of wonder, joy, elation, and the true encouragement to honor and respect all that is from the Inner Earth to the outer atmosphere — to the furthest stars and celestial objects – and yes, to other Universes.

Stellar Blessings from Mary, your true Mother of Light!

The Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Mary and Yeshua – channeled through the heart of Crysta!