Lucia and The Luminescent Ladies of Fatima

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

This wondrous story of ten-year-old Lucia and the Lady (Ladies) of Fatima is told through a past-life regression with Anna, who is an aspect of Lucia in the present day.

Anna brought forth Lucia and re-experienced the real story of what happened on the hill near the town of Fatima, Portugal in 1917. The six recorded visits of what the church called “apparitions” of The Lady, were from May through October, precisely at noon, on the thirteenth of each month. This story inspires women to take back their power in many ways. It is so timely and relevant for today’s world. I asked Yeshua (Jesus) and the Marys if I could finally reveal this story, and they gave me their blessing with great excitement, stating, “The time is now!”

How This Came About
Three of us, of  “Team Earth,” will Scan, Track and Clear a client as a team. Sometimes an energy comes right in, from another being of Light who has something to share, bringing more depth and clarity to what is being revealed.

Frequently, it is an aspect of the client, from a past-life. Once in a while it is an aspect from an overlapped life – meaning they can be living two different lives, which is the case in this story. We discern the energy of the beings and connect with our hearts.

We had already been working with Anna for several long, intricate sessions of great magnitude. She has been a big player of the Light throughout many lifetimes. On this day, Aurora of “Team Earth” mentioned another presence in the room, and I soon felt it as well. Anna called to this being, and she could see a young girl with dark hair, wearing dated and worn clothes. Aurora thought it was the girl from Fatima in Portugal, and Crysta had the Stellar Skulls confirm that it indeed was. The girl asked if she could stay, and said her name was Lucia. I asked if Lucia was an aspect of Anna.

“Oh, yes I am,” she replied.

She came in and out quite often, yet stayed quietly, observing. I asked Anna if I could do a regression on her at another time, so she could see herself in that lifetime. We could all feel that Lucia had something to share.

“Absolutely, since I don’t really know a lot about the story, except what the Spanish family I married into quite young, had shared with me. That was a while back. I’d be glad to help in any way,” was Anna’s reply.

After we did two long regressions, I decided to have the Crystalline Skulls answer a few questions about Lucia’s experience. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls’s (CSS) response is in bold.

After Anna’s master glands were re-ignited from our clearing work, she was able to access this life pretty easily, and she was there in a blink. She described the area near Fatima in detail, and what it was like to herd sheep on the hillsides. She loved the quiet and being alone. Her younger cousins would sometimes come to herd sheep with her.

Visits in the Grass
Lucia: The Lady would come to visit me around the hill in the tall grass. I could feel her presence first, and then this flash of blue light would happen in front of me, and then I could see her. We would tell each other different things. This was before she showed up on top of the hill, on May 13, 1917.

TR: Did your cousins see her and talk to her?
Lucia: Oh no! The Lady only came when I was alone.

TR: What is she wearing and what color is her hair?
Lucia: She is wearing a long blue dress. It has long sleeves, a high neck and a blue head scarf down to her shoulders. He dress is loose, and she really glows. She has light brown hair. She smiles a lot and makes me feel relaxed and very happy. I feel like I have known her forever.

TR: Did she give you her name?
Lucia: At different times I heard Miriam, Anna, Mary, Magdalene, Mother Mary… hmm!

(CSS: She had a few people come to her, and oddly enough, sometimes it was Mary, and there were other helpers of Mary. The group of Marys all wanted to participate. Often, Mary herself — yet again, not always. In other words, this was also Lucia’s exposure to different facets of the Mary Energy.)

(TR: Since we work with Yeshua and The Marys quite often, we know that He is usually always with several Marys. The number 13 is a favorite of Yeshua’s.)

TR: What did you talk about?
Lucia: One day, the Lady could see that something was bothering me. I told her that there was a very bad man in our village. He was bringing kids here that have blonde hair and different clothes. We all have dark hair. He hides them in the basement of our church. I was spying on him – that’s how I know. At night, he takes some of them out and puts them into a cart and drives off. I’ve seen this more than once. I could hear them crying. He puts black cloths over their heads in case someone would sees him.

He never smiles, and he wears this long, reddish long dress (robe) and hat. He sometimes wears something around his neck that is shiny and pink, and hangs down the front. He has three very large and shiny rings. Oh, I don’t like those rings! When he was with the kids and I was spying, he kept touching their heads with this one ring that has a symbol on it. These kids aren’t safe – and when they leave, they never come back. I really want to help them escape!

The Lady said she would bring a close friend to help the kids. She told me to meet her on the top of the hill near the cliff on May 13th at noon.

(CSS: Mary initiated the whole conversation, and Lucia became an initiate.)

First Meeting on the Hill
TR: Lucia, let’s go to the first time you saw the Lady on top of the hill.
Lucia: It is a sunny day and I am with the sheep, and my two cousins are around too. Huge clouds came over us and covered the sun. The clouds were all sparkling around the edges. Some of them had flashing lights in them. I was excited because I knew something was going to happen, and I felt a giddiness. I had seen visions before, but not like this. This was much bigger.

I could hear someone tell me not to be afraid, and I wasn’t. I looked for my cousins, who were already running down the hill and were very afraid. I looked up into the sky, and there were many clouds with lights. One of the clouds moved closer, and I could see windows, and very bright people were waving at me. It was kind of lit up around it with different colors. A beautiful brilliant light that was blue and sparkling, came down from the cloud all the way to the hill, and the Lady was standing there. I was sure it was Mary coming, because I could feel her like I did in the fields before. I ran up to her and hugged her. I’m rather short and could only hug her legs.

(CSS: The children had a lot of fear, just like their parents and many others there.)

The Lady Brings Yeshua
TR: Does she look the same?
Lucia: She was dressed differently – she wore a blue and white dress, and this one was not as plain, and had a lower neck, and was more fitted. There was no headscarf, and her hair was down. She is very tall and very beautiful and has a blue light all around her. She said she wanted me to meet her dear friend who wanted to meet me,since he had come to help the children. She moved to my right side. I think I could hear her better from my right side.

Behind her was a beautiful and handsome man who was smiling at me. He wore all white. Mary said this was Yeshua, and I might know Him as Jesus. I was so excited that I ran over to him and hugged him as well. I had heard of him from my mother who had taught some of us about Mary and Jesus. I knew he came to help the kids. He put a hand on my forehead and one on the back of my neck. I looked up into his glowing face, and felt this warm golden light coming from his heart right into mine. I got so excited that I grabbed his hand and started pulling him to the edge where we could look right down into our little village. I pointed to the church and said the bad man was in there with the children.

(CSS: Yeshua often appeared with Magdalene and Mary, and he is a strong presence, most often behind them. Lucia had great abilities and did see him.)

TR: What did he say?
Lucia: He said he would go down there, and he would handle this. First, he put his hands out facing the town, and a beautiful billowing golden light seemed to roll from his hands and his heart right down the hill and into our village. Then he started walking down the hill, but when I started to follow, Mary called me back. I went back over to her and we watched him go in this great cloud of gold that just got bigger as he went. She said there was a lot of fear and darkness in our town. I knew that was true since the ladies and girls walked around with their heads down, hardly ever smiling or laughing. I think everyone was afraid of the priest with the fancy dress and big shiny rings. That’s why I liked herding the sheep.

Then she told me to put my hands up the same way she was doing. When I did, and she told me to look for a blue and silvery light coming from my hands, then aim it toward the town. I saw this blue, shiny light come from her hands – and then I focused on my hands, and the blue, silvery light came right out of my palms. She said to aim it at the church and then at my family’s house, which was farther away. She told me I could do this all the time when I was up on these hills, and just to ask for this blue light to come through me. It seemed like we did this for a long time.

(CSS: Lucia did indeed do this, since she was being initiated. Yeshua did bring the golden light into the town as an awakening process.)

TR: Then what happened?
Lucia: She told me she would see me again on the thirteenth day of the next month (June) at noon, and that she would come for five more months on the top of the same hill, by the ledge. She asked if I would meet her there.

TR: Were you allowed to tell others of the coming meetings on the hill?
Lucia: Oh yes, I asked her if I could. Then she said she wanted me to run home and find my father and tell him what had taken place here. She said I needed to tell him about the children in the church and to take him there right away.

TR: Can you tell us what happened when you went home?
Lucia: I ran home as fast as I could, and I am really a fast runner from running after the sheep. When I ran into the house and found my father at the table, my mother came into the room as well. I told them that I met Mary and Jesus on the hill. But they didn’t believe me. I started to tell them about the kids in the church, which I had kept secret, since I knew I shouldn’t be spying.
Then the door burst open and the priest in the long dress exploded into the room. I ran out the back door and hid where I could hear what was going on. He was really angry, and yelling at my father. It was scary, so I stayed there until he left and slammed the door. When I went back in, my father was very upset. I told him he had to come to the church with me right away. He wasn’t happy, but he decided to come.

(CSS: Lucia wanted anyone who could help, to go to the church. Her father would only go to protect his daughter, not to put a stop to anything, as he was a fearful man and could not alone have created a disturbance to put a stop to any activity. It was much larger than a father-and-daughter team. She had premonitions and dreams about the boys in the church; then she would come back and sleuth. Though Lucia could hardly watch, she got a very scary glimpse. That was all she needed to confirm her suspicions. This church, and so much around the town, was filled with discarnates and darkness beyond measure. The Bishop, who was the priest in the long dress, or robe, had helpers.)

Lucia: I was running to the back door of the church, and my father was a ways behind me. The priest was right there gathering the boys. He looked at me with fiery red eyes. I yelled at him to leave them alone. Right then I started choking, and it felt like someone had grabbed me by the throat. And then I don’t remember anything – until the next day, when I am at a table outside, having a meal with many people – and I’m happy!

(CSS: Notice how Lucia is recalling this — it is all training. She grew with each meeting. She was a self-starter and advanced in her thinking for a child of that age. The C-Team (Christ-Conscious Beings), inspired Lucia in her dreams, and appeared to her in the fields, and on the hill. They wanted more and more brilliant leaders in the future, and this preparation takes time. There were tests, and Lucia often grew and traveled in her dreams, and it was a lot of her will that created these meetings. So she was leading the way for many at this time. Lucia was fearless and wanted to know more and more how she could be of service.)

(TR: Anna felt that she did not need to see what actually happened, so that she wouldn’t go into fear.)
TR: I then took Lucia to the early morning of June 13th, and asked her how she felt, and if people were coming to the hill.
Lucia: I know I am only ten years old, but I feel like I have grown up since the last event. My father and mother are afraid and don’t want me to go up the hill. But nothing is going to stop me from going! They won’t go, and they are gathered in the village with families from there, who also don’t go up on the hill. I see my two younger cousins there as well. I’m very excited and there are mostly women and girls scattered around on the hill, and they are sitting or reclining on one arm. There aren’t many people there on that day, and none of them are from my village. There is one woman near the top who is standing in front of a small group. She is pretty, and smiling, and has on a red apron. It kind of feels like she is standing guard. When I get to the top, I can feel this wonderful energy around me.

The Marys, Yeshua and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls channeled through the heart of Crysta

Stay tuned for Part 2!
Lucia reveals more of when the lights in the sky show up and the Lady appears with information, activations and spontaneous healings. The Third Secret that has been so sought after, and lied about, will finally be revealed.




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