Newsletter/Galactic Update ~ Stellar Call Info. ~ Book Announcement – October 2015 Stellar Newsletter/ Vol. IV Issue V

Greetings Galactic Gang,

You have not heard from us since we have been full on with personal and planetary changes while Terra Rae has been birthing this magnificent introductory book to our Sacred Crystalline Skulls!

They just love the cover of their new book!


About the book:
The amazing heartfelt Crystalline Stellar Skulls are sentient Beings of Light, “…working in more Dimensions than we could possibly imagine,” as they have illustrated in this magical book. With a great sense of humor Terra Rae, with the lively Stellar Skulls, takes us on a wild adventurous journey throughout time.
Terra shares how this adventure has come about, which takes her into the distant past and into the future. They interact and share their stories of the Creation of the Universe, set up in duality, as they bring us to particular planets, that they say some of us have not only lived on, but actually created.

They have joined together ~ once again ~ to help in the transition for Ascension and First Contact ~ “The Welcoming!” For preparation, they offer us Clearings, Activations and Ascension Tools. This is extraordinary!

Book Launch: Mid-November 2015
Available to pre-order through our website
E-Book is also available
With 33 galactic Photos of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls


The Importance of Merkabas ~

by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Terra: I asked Metatron and the Stellar Skulls for the history and definition along with the best way to work with a personal Merkaba, since we add Merkabas to everyone and all over the planet. You can as well.

Metatron: I have used Merkabas since the beginning of time, and I do see them as a form of creation around individuals as they come into their ‘being’ state.

I do not see them all of the time with individuals now, as I believe they got dissolved or removed in one manner or another. This we see, has been the case with many who have been attacked or depleted from the dark side. It is a precious commodity and a vibration of purity. So reinstating it assists the strength, and grounding to Gaia, as well as it keeps one solid and in a state of reception, using a filter so only love can come through.

It is a natural state of sacred geometry around all beings in the beginning. So it is important to keep it alive and give the Merkaba energy, and use it with different light forms of color. One can strengthen it with intention. It can specifically be used for protection before sleep states so you remain grounded. We see that it is key to keeping sanity while these implemented devices are within.

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