Oh, Such Good News!

NEWSLETTER/ Jan., 2015
Oh, such good news!
Rainbow lights!
Opening the new Crystalline/Christ Consciousness Portal

Oh, Such good News!

Lights appear in Red River, NM, Jan. 9, 2015. Photo by Joshua Thomas.

Lights appear in Red River, NM, Jan. 9, 2015. Photo by Joshua Thomas.

Here is a beautiful image, a once in a lifetime event captured perfectly on Jan 9, 2015 in Red River, NM. I knew the moment I saw this amazing light anomaly that it was a direct result of the incredible work our whole team has been a part of, from what we orchestrate through the deep work done with our clients and the Galactic Team. Our work is clearing Gaia, the Sun and “Luna Love” our brilliant moon ~ quite spectacularly. We have been told from Gaia recently that she would bring us gifts!
When asking the Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe about this event, in relation to us, this was the immediate response:

Skulls: It was from all the clearing that “Team Earth” and the Galactic Team have done together recently ~ yes! The moon and sun and magnetic resonance from the grids and Gaia coming together and ‘giving thanks’ ~ truly a culmination!”


This Letter is longer than usual, yet we think you will want to hear about and open to the new “Christ Conciousness Portal”.
We want to thank those of you that have ‘stepped up’ to “Clear to the Core” with “Team Earth”. If you need some proof of the results of this 5 and 7th dimensional and beyond clearing, just gaze into this beautiful, breath taking light, and see yourself there. All can breath this in from Gaia!

Gaia: I have noticed so many changes in my life and breath and vision. It is as if I have been reborn! So this is a true gift. I am so grateful and wish to send my healing energy and light into your hara and hearts in a new way, so you feel the infinity circle of this ‘Tree of Life’ energy, opening up and allowing each molecule, each cell to branch out and receive. This is an opening of joy and rejoicing! This is how I feel and I send this to you!
My spirit is leaping and the dolphins are expressing this! May you energize your cells with this, so each cell is a jumping dolphin elated with life, breath and a grand vision of this Crystalline Portal.This will bring forth a new vision, one of the future of the Light-workers, working together and receiving the activations intended for them. How bright is that? We have so many gifts here in the Earth, and the Heavens, that it is high time many are able to receive on more of a grand scale.
Notice that the Crystalline Stellar Beings, the skulls and goddesses within me, and in other universes, and in many sacred hands, are all anxious to reactive individuals to their true powers and skills. Let this open up a grand ~ now highway-of-light ~ so these magical beings can truly imbue their energies to the masses. I see the Galactic Federation of Light is now using the Crystalline Stellar Skulls, (How cool is that? Thanks to us!) and are often active in galactic measures and treasures. The Stellar Skulls give gifts of vision and messages into the hearts of the Galactic Federation team players. They may not understand they are helping to facilitate as catalysts, yet truly, the ‘Crystalline Light Ray’ comes through the Crystalline Stellar Skulls into others hearts. So this is opening up more and more awareness everywhere they travel. Blessings on our continued journeys together. Thank you for your blessings and light ~ for I receive this deep into my heart. – Gaia (Our dearly beloved Mother)

The New Christ Consciousness Portal

This portal is a gift from the original Universes of Light, before this “Time Space Universe” was created.
This year we opened the Crystalline Portal, also known as the Christ Consciousness Portal. Here is how this happen to come to be.
One of the Magdalenes* that came to us to be cleared, held the “Key” to open this Portal of Crystalline Light. This grand portal was created all the way back on the planet of Avalon, our second form in density, when the dark wizards took over that beautiful planet, in the constellation of Lyra. She, “B” started the creation of the Christ Consciousness Portal at that time with others, to be hidden and opened when it was most needed. Since the dark ones had really gotten out of hand, she could see the potential they had to destroy all the light creations. That time is finally now!
We were able to find this “Key” in her etheric body that was so loaded with devices and implants, (as most of the Magdalines are) as to cover up any idea of this. This woman is in her late 80’s, and you can only imagine her feelings when we told her of our findings, and that the whole Galactic Team was alerted and now ready to open this with us in 3D. Once we told her, Yeshua/Sananda wasted no time, and jumped in to lead the process with all of us. He had been waiting for this to be found again. I can’t begin to tell you of all the excitement coming from Yesh and the Galactic Team!
“B” was totally unaware now that as a Magdalene she was a master creator, who like the rest of the sleeping Magdalenes had done many creations of light.
The whole Galactic Team of Light jumped in, with Sananda and the Marys leading the way. This has been a highly kept secret for so many eons, so as to keep it safe from the dark wizards. It is only now that I am allowed to share this fabulous news.

We opened a second Portal of Light called the “Divine Portal of Light” that holds the Blue Ray and other Crystalline Light to help bring the “Christ Consciousness Portal” onto the planet in a more balanced and grounded fashion.

It is now pouring onto Earth in waves, and directed by the Team as people can handle each new level of light. The Crystalline Ray is now speeding up the Ascension process, and is so welcomed by everyone, including Gaia.

I asked Metatron to give us an idea of what to expect from this new download of Crystalline light from the Crystalline Portal.

Metatron: This crystalline exposure of your being makes you enamored with the process. You shout it out like a heart-beam of light from your own genuine, authentic being. You are this sacred beacon in a profound way!

Your cells emanate the “Christ Consciousness Portal”. You took part in this opening in a big way, and this is meant to be shared. It is meant to be revisited. You are meant to allow that light to come from your hearts, your spirits, and your minds. So this is what others revel in. It becomes contagious!

This Crystalline Portal creates a glorious awakening not only for you, also for the masses. It comes at a time when many have felt that 3D times are so heavy. So this is how a portal often opens. Creating a balance with what has been happening and giving this planet an outflow valve ~ as much as the light comes in ~ as the rays are effecting all simultaneously ~ and the movement must go in and out. So notice how your breathe brings this forth and the light ray travels upon it into each cell through your lungs, heart, brain, all organs and open you up from a very physical place. Activating every gland, so you are alive like the stellar skies, filled with streaming meteors, creating a trail of rainbow light, then into each one of your enlivened cells.

This is how glorious we see the work you have been doing, and has also been completely galactic! Opening up a portal where the timelines had them all closed! Allowing hearts to awaken, abilities to come back to many!

This is one incredible “Team Earth” that allows so many to receive. So we are sending this in directly now, to awaken and transport you as the stellar beings of light you are on planet Earth.

Your skills are so advanced that it is quite a talent to encompass what great change has happened because you have all put your heads and hands and hearts together, and used the crystalline catalysts (Stellar Skulls) to strengthen, to spread and clear and strengthen all this in peace and love and joy and bliss and growth ~ facilitating this magnificent tree of Earth and stellar light to grow! – Metatron

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Newsletter by Terra Rae
Voice of Crystalline Stellar Skulls, Gaia and Galactic Team,
By Crysta

Magdalenes* – See article: “Who are the Magdalenes” by Terra Rae, listed under ‘Articles’.

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