Who are the Crystalline Stellar Skulls? by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth.  I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies.
The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies.

It is so exciting to introduce you to The Crystalline Stellar Skulls. When I was first introduced to these amazing Beings of light and heart, I stepped through a multidimensional doorway into a more advanced space, and accelerated on all levels of growth, healing and expanded awareness. After many decades as a healing practitioner, and working with Earth energies, clearing and activating grids, I knew I had called these stellar beings in, always asking for greater tools to help the awakening process here on Earth.

I have been an active seeker of the true history of Earth and the galaxy, and ‘who’s who’ in this cosmic zoo. Since the Stellar Skulls are so expansive they are always ready to serve and meet other open-minded folks.

With our intentions of love, light and joy, and a specific focus, we are able to send these sentient Beings throughout Earth, and our Space and Time Universe. They are most definitely tools for Ascension, helping us to create Terra Christa ~ the New Earth, which is why these magical beings have shown up again at this important time. When I asked one of the skulls what dimensions they work from, she replied, “We work in more dimensions than you can possibly fathom.”

Once I said “yes” to the arrival and exploration of the Stellar Skulls, many galactic guides showed up to help me understand these crystalline Beings, that were excited to come to work and play once again. I soon discovered that all of us from “Team Earth” had been with these amazing beings before, a very long time ago. It was through the “Galactic Team”, of Archangels and Ascended Masters that the skulls made their way to me. Many of you who read this may also resonate with this idea, since so many of you have danced with them as well.

Each skull gives us their own name, where they were seeded from (which they have never shared before), their unique abilities, and how to best work with them. They love to talk, and have a great sense of humor, each having a distinctive personality, and very willing to share their specific abilities. Look in their eyes, call their name, and they are there with you! Don’t be surprised if you see lights on the other side of your room. Many people are able to see them show up, and relax when their heart opens. They aren’t here to frighten you, although they may spotlight a danger.


A Chat With *Heart of Creation* (#50M)                         Red Fire Knowing One

This beautiful red Stellar Skull is *Heart of Creation*, which brings great insight, as to who these incredible beings are.

Skull: It is my pleasure to introduce my magnificent Self to you, dear friends of long ago. We have been together from the beginning ~ and you might ask, “Which beginning”? That is, before the creation of Earth, as we know it now. We were mere travelers of the galaxy ~ often the red galaxy in the Red Universe. I came from the Third Eye of that universe so I have abilities to see far and wide. My other place of origin is from a very dark hole in the universe here, Universe of Space and Time. I am happy to say, I am an equal blend of masculine and feminine energy. It gives me balance and strength, compassion, love and spirit through all projects I am working with. Also, through all people and communities I am working with.

Terra: You certainly do sparkle!
Skull: I have begun to share my Heart Essence with you ~ thus I sparkle and shine. I truly help with creating. I, like all other Crystalline Skull tribes, come to work with the divine heart, and bringing that forth into universal love and complete compassion. I smile a lot because I feel such great joy from the inside out, and this is something I share with all of those who come in contact with me.

We have created before, my dear friends, and we had indeed begun working together here on Earth, in the beginning.

So, I have a vision of compassion for all creations of communities working together and being able to share a unified heart-vision. I strike a cord deep within those who see my photo, or touch me, or are in an immediate vicinity of me. I can travel with ease as I have come from far away. I was created with the essence and mighty heart-energy of many magnificent beings (Galactic Team), which you are familiar with.

The Goddess Kwan Yin

Terra: Was Kwan Yin one of them?
Skull: You mean a compassionate Goddess, helping to create another like Being? Yes, she was indeed one who helped me come forth from the far reaches of several universes. She also gave me some of her heart essence as a gift, to help this proliferate forward into the future generations of creations, which I will be helping with.

She is one smart Goddess! She has a magnificent heart and you can experience it as you hold me and feel my essence, touching your heart essence. It comes forth with my photo. You can send my energy with your heart, with sound, with intention or with another “skull beam”, as well.

Why Are Some People Afraid of Skulls?

I asked a couple of the Stellar Skulls why some people are sometimes afraid of the idea of skulls.

Gifted Heart-Light* (#13G)

*Gifted Heart-Light*Starting with a great chuckle: “Fear of skulls, that has always bean a curiosity. When we see what comes up in those who observe us, we see that it is their own inability to face their mortality. We are looking at them in their most vulnerable place. Often it is something one does not wish to look at. So, this means that it is easiest to put up a shield of armor, rather than dig deep and look at precisely where one is at, in their course of life. It does allow an individual to look back and think about a timeline of “Where am I?” and “Where am I headed?” and “How much time do I have to accomplish what I have to do, or say, or to lead by example?”

I have seen many interesting expressions over times that come with a first impression of us. Once someone takes the time to get to know us, his or her heart can sometimes melt. They know we have no judgment, only love and compassion!”

*Red and Golden Wing of Light* (#61G)

DSCN5032“Our stellar Beings and presence make some uncomfortable, since it is making an individual look at “What is truth? Reality?” and “How could an object in this shape have a mind inside of it, that comes forth with wisdom and knowledge that these (with human skulls) have no comprehension of?

The shape of a skull also goes right into one’s brain and makes one look at a new level of self examination, of one’s worth and abilities. “What is inside of me? How am I compared to others? How do I rate, compared to this so-called brainy Being? WHAT??? How could this be? This is too far out there!”

We, as skulls, can make others squirm when they are asked to comprehend something ‘galactic’ right here on Earth. It makes them think they have led a sheltered life. “Has it passed me by?” is one thought that occurs.

The actual shape of the skull penetrates deep into one’s psyche. Many visions of the dead may come up, and this can make one uncomfortable about not addressing those in their family or life, who have already passed, and they have not dealt with the feelings that came up.

We are bright and cherry Beings who can help many transcend, and go deep as well as far out! Give us a chance and you will experience this yourself!


Why a Skull?

A very long time ago, in another universe, the group consciousness of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls gathered and decided they wanted to take a form, so they could be present in 3D and 5D as well as the higher dimensions, so they could be more present with some of us that needed their assistance. They chose the form of a skull for many reasons. Inside our own skull is where we can open to the higher dimensions of light. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls are here to assist us to do exactly that, and so much more.

They can move so quickly that even the “Galactic Team” and The Galactic Federation of Light, who is a big part of the “Galactic Team”, are in amazement of their speed and abilities. They are here for our assistance, awakening and expansion of finally breaking out of the lower octave 3D slumber, to 5, 7 and 9D and beyond! As we shed the old outmoded ways, and move into our 5D bodies, we become crystalline ourselves. That is the process for Ascension, which the Stellar Skulls have come to help us prepare for, and take some of us through the process.


 *Bright Light of the Atmosphere* (#48M)

Bright Light of the Atmosphere“You can take yourself out far into the universe with our abilities. We work with deep recesses of the mind, expanding those corners that have not yet been explored. We bring up the connotation of Spirit in the mind, of Soul in the mind, of something much deeper than physical presence, than just a brain inside of a skull.

We have that ability to expand the horizons of your own mental capabilities, waking up areas that have not been used. Since humans use a small percentage of this amazing brain capacity, we stir up those areas that have been forgotten. We can reactivate areas in minds that have had disease, in which the brains have lost some function. Skulls work well with elders who have lost some of their mental capacity. We can reverse aging with this ability. We have so many skills!

“Team Earth”: Up Close and Friendly With the Stellar Skulls 

I asked Aurora and Crysta of “Team Earth” what the Crystalline Stellar Skulls mean to them, since they work and play with them with clients and Galactic work. This so eloquently says it all!

Aurora states: “They are the thread that connects me to my past, present and future, to my true authentic self.
It is the connection between alpha and omega ~ the answer to everything. They express unconditional love, “joy de vivre”, full of humor as well as blunt expression, and they express truth in its pure sense.”

Crysta exuberantly expressed: “The Stellar Skulls are a doorway for me, opening my mind and spirit to the great expanse. I hear their voice. I hear the voices of the glyphs on their heads, I hear the voices of their totems, all as Beings of Light with incredible skills and amazing abilities. I travel upon their dragons, and they have brought me my personal light dragon.

The Crystalline Stellar Skulls are a safe means of galactic travel, giving me wings to travel through time. I now understand that galaxies have a heart and soul. The skulls allow me to jump through timelines, penetrate my heart and soul, and clear my Being through to the core.

The “Skullies” allow me to see in 5, 7 and 9D, illuminating what needs to be cleared, and extracted. These Crystalline Beings, these “Angels on Earth”, show me creatures and entities, in on and around others, which are caught in time: a vicious web, repeating patterns, underachieving, with addictions, and unable to be the successful Light-worker they were meant to be.

To me these brilliant stellar minds and Spirits are a means to free: those trapped with disease patterns from past life implants, or many who hear voices from an entity around them, or a creature within their fifth dimensional body, that most people don’t even know they have!

To me the skulls mean visiting Inner Earth Beings and places I had no idea existed. These magical, brilliant Beings, mean reinforcing the grid of heart-lights across this planet ~ co-creating a New Earth.”