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Yeshua and the Family of Light — 2000 Years Ago

By Terra Rae of Team Earth

Team Earth has brought forth many clients who were with the Light family 2000 years ago. This life left many imprints that were designed to slow down the individuals and prevent each one from moving forward in future lives. I like asking about each one when we start working. Most of the time it is important to do a regression so the clients can see and re-experience what happened to them.

Eventually I asked Yeshua if we could put an article together that when a person reads it, they can be taken right through a clearing process. I will give the link at the end for *The Cosmic Blue Triangle, so you can get a fabulous clearing. Yeshua and the Marys and the Stellar Skulls were all thrilled with the idea.

I have been doing regressions for many years and have pulled up some amazing and very interesting stories that give a much bigger picture of those of us who were there. We have talked to the Crystalline Stellar Skulls (CSS) who go easily through the timelines, as well as Yeshua and the Marys, about some of these events. It’s not the same old story you may have read in the Bible or elsewhere. This will stir up a lot for sure. Just breathe and ask if you were there, and your role, good, bad or in-between.

The Invite  

There was a group of us that was approached a thousand years earlier to agree to come in with this Light Family to participate as a group, to anchor in Christ Consciousness onto the planet. It had become very dark on Earth and our plan was to bring in the Light with the help of those just mentioned. We were invited to a fifth dimensional council in the ethers to be presented with this plan. Some of us were then chosen and it was requested that we study at the mystery schools, and with different Spiritual Orders for the next thousand years to prepare for this incredible event. Many of these retreats were quite secret in how and where they practiced. Some were even in mountain retreats that are and may have been then in the fifth dimension. Some still are in 5D. We were introduced to the Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Federation (GF) of Light and fabulous teachers in the physical.

Some of My Story!

Around 100 years before the tribe fully arrived in the area of Galilea, I was a young woman living and studying in Qumran. I had a secret place I would go to in a cave high up and talk to Anna, Grandmother of Yeshua. I was strong and lean and could climb up the rock face to a specific ledge that I could see. This ledge was the entrance to a cave. The cave had a secret wall that I knew how to get through. On the other side were shelves with ancient scrolls, tablets and Stellar Skulls and other ancient implements. The GF had shown me this ancient cave and how to get through the wall. I would study and then call in Anna who later became my grandmother and Yeshua’s.

Anna lived in the secret city under Alexandria for many hundreds of years. She was 600 years old when she came with some of the family members to join the tribe. The city is now quite hidden and in 5D. I asked CSS if people know of this secret place, and they said that there are more hidden writings, tablets, scrolls, tools and such from there that will soon be discovered.

When I was in the cave I would have long conversations with Anna that I enjoyed very much. I had a place in the front of the cave set up for prayers and ceremony and would then call in Anna. I was setting up my space when I heard a sound at the entrance. I jumped up to face a woman in a space suit coming into the cave. She lunged at me with a knife and got me through the heart. She cut out my heart and left the cave and beamed up to re-join her partner in their little ship and eat my heart.

It turns out I knew that woman in this life, and she and her partner were not clean in their dealings. They were doing spiritual work online, and one day she became ill and passed a couple days later. Around a month later, she came into the dreamtime, plain as day. She said she wanted to ask for forgiveness, since it was she and her partner that came and killed me in the cave. She wanted to make amends for her nasty deed. Apparently, my bones are still there, since this was a hidden cave, and that area is loaded with caves. The Team confirmed it all!

Divine Births 

When Yeshua came in through Mary, there were seven others that had what I call a divine birth. How it worked was the mother agreed to bring forth a child without conceiving with a father. It was agreed upon with the one coming in. So that came in at the time of Yeshua’s birth and a while later. A certain energy field was needed to be able to gather together.

Stellar Skulls shared: It was a healing beam that was given to fertilize and conceive. This was invoked, and the bright, brilliant beings chose to – you could say- beam them into existence into the womb, for a fertilization process. It was a mutual consent, between the child and the mother. It was not one sided.

This made for a stronger DNA and a healthier child. Once agreed upon and planned, it was done from an amazing beam of light that came to and through the mother for conception. It was difficult for the husbands who just didn’t understand this process. It’s why Archangel Gabriel came to Joseph to explain the process to be Yeshua’s father.

Our Jobs

Yeshua gathered the family into circles of twelvewomen and twelve men in in six different circles for each group, making 144 individuals. The immediate family was in the first and second circles with certain duties assigned to each circle. Each one under a circle would watch over and do certain tasks and see to their needs for the circles above. Yeshua and the Tribe would call different gatherings together, not always for everyone. Some jobs were to find certain areas on the land that had ley lines that were strong, so the gatherings were more powerful.

A client named Tom came to us to be cleared. We looked into this timeline since he has been very close to Yeshua for many years. At that time he could read the energy of the land, the ley lines, and see into the Inner Earth, as well as the energy above. So he was one who was assigned to find the lively spots for possible group activations.

He shared one he saw when we looked in. He had a certain small group of maybe around twenty that he was told to gather. Many times he would move between the circles looking for those that could open their vision and see easily. When in the area he had procured, he was told to make a circle and tone. When the group raised the frequency with the tones, beams of light came down into the circle. It was very sparkly and uplifting. Then in the middle, a big beam came down, and suddenly Yeshua was there. He went around the circle and put a three-inch Merkaba of light into the extended hands. It started to spin and became a shimmering sphere with sparklers shooting off. It floated above the hands for quite a while. It became bigger and moved to the heart while spinning. Then it moved over their heads. This opened their inner vision, and they were instructed to send this into certain areas to activate them. Tom said it was easy for him to do this and he could send it into the ground as well.


Tom needed to see this for many reasons. One was so he realizes that Yeshua was traveling on lightships, and he would show up a lot like this. So did some of the family members. The people he gathered were open to this idea as well. He realized that he had seen this many times with Yeshua, and was still blown away.

We had another that client when going to this time and place, she saw herself as flying a lightship that would transport the Team or Yeshua to certain areas. She wasn’t surprised at all, since it felt totally natural.

I was a close family member yet I hadn’t seen myself in the lightships, so I asked the Stellar Skulls if myself and Team Earth had been moving and traveling on Lightships? Did we beam up and down on the Lightships?

CSS Replied: Oh most certainly! It was not uncommon that Mary, and Magdalene, and it was necessary for the immediate family to be in places that had need of enlightenment — and the donkey or walking were not a suitable way to travel.

Sometimes when viewing I did see Yeshua appear from around an outcrop of tall rocks. Sometimes it seemed his light body would come in first.

Many times we would do a lot of communicating without talking. It was different and we would do this in some of the gatherings. Another woman who came to us needed big clearing from this life because of being attacked for her skills. She and two other women would go to the chosen site and create a triangle with the three of them. The energy came in and up with great power and the group would gather. We were not verbally talking yet there was communication and what I would call Running of Light from the group. Yeshua beamed down into the triangle, and the frequency got so high that many of us were levitating all while in a heightened state of consciousness. She too understood where we needed to have these expansive experiences.

Another gal who hadn’t heard any of our stories, shared that she saw the area which was rocky and sandy with a couple of palm trees and adobe like dwellings, similar to what you might see in the Southwest United States. There was a small group gathering and people were excited since they were told ahead of time of the gathering that they were invited to. She shared that she knew they were there to anchor in the light. It seemed like a half circle with a rock outcrop in front of them. She could feel Yeshua’s presence close and saw a light come down onto the rocks, and in a few moments she could see his light body appearing there. Everyone felt this and was quiet. She never saw him walk up, just materialize more fully into the physical in this beam.

I asked if she was aware of a lightship above that he came in from in that beam of light? She believed that was the case. He then sent a beam of light from his third eye to her third eye, and to the others, and then to the heart. Nobody spoke and she saw her light body go up a ways to be in front of him, as though he called her there. He enveloped her with light and downloaded a huge package of information in and around her body. She heard him say that “this is awakening the true miracle of this incarnation, and this is reality, what is meant to be.” She thought, this is like planting crystal seeds to manifest “on Earth as it is in heaven!”

She then heard him transmit, “For this is the kingdom, the power and the glory that is forever in time and space, and sent into destructive ignorance, to awaken to light consciousness.”

He then walked away from the group and was looking around. She said she felt totally content, and not needy, with great respect and love. A couple folks went up to him and the whole group felt no fear or competition, just the great treasure chest he gave to the group.

When I asked how she felt, she responded that she doesn’t do bible quotes, yet it came right out. She felt ecstatic, breathless, and amazement — and this is how it is! It’s an extremely special moment and we all have a role to play to midwife this into being.

She then stated, “this is who I am, and how it is supposed to be all the time.” I couldn’t agree more.

The Guardians and the Dark Hats

Gaililea,There were certain men that were in charge of going on ahead to see if it felt safe to even gather in that place. Some were in a team that would report their findings. They were supposed to have each others backs and ours as well. Everything was well planned ahead of time for everyone’s safety. This worked for quite a while till the Dark Hats showed up.

First Hand Account of a Dark Wizard

I met a woman at a conference who had a close friend in my town. She became ill and decided to come here to track me down for help, since she lost my contact info. It didn’t take long for her to find me, since she knew I worked with the Stellar Skulls and was invited to an event and do some energy work. She screamed my name when I walked into the room. I told her to come to come by the next day, and she did.

At the conference that we met at, the facilitator had people bring skulls of different varieties to do a meditation with. There were a couple of dozen skulls on the front table. He led a meditation and this woman moved to the back of the room, and shared later that the skulls made her nervous. Here is the experience she shared with me.

When she sat down she noticed the large blue skull on the table that I brought. She could suddenly hear it speaking directly to her, sharing that this Stellar Skull knew her from many past events. At first she thought she might run out of the room. Then the Stellar Skull grew almost the size of the room and floated over to her, and sat on her head and said, “Going somewhere?” She froze and sat still till the meditation was done, and the Stellar Skull floated back and joined itself on the table.

The next morning she and the gal she was rooming with called and asked if I would bring the Stellar Skull to their room to sit with for a while. I needed to meet someone so I left them at a table and told them to ask the Stellar Skull to show them something important. When I returned the friend was sobbing almost uncontrollably. The other one was stone face and actually angry.

“Must have been some big reveals to both of you.” I said.

The friend said they were both shown some past lives that were upsetting since they did dreadful things and created many horrific situations for people.

“You must have needed to see this! If you want to get them cleared, give me a call!” I stated as I picked up the skull and left.

She came to my casita to get instructions about our working together. The Galactic Team and Skulls who jumped right in on this, said she needed to stay for no less than two weeks and we would clear a lot. They said she would be safer here and there was much to do. She is an aspect of an extremely dark wizard, and was told the other dark wizards would not be happy about her getting cleared with so much light work. So she agreed and moved in, and started the next day. The Team already told me of several past-lives we needed to address along with removing many devices, creatures and boobytraps. She actually had boobytraps that she set up that were designed to kill her if specific devices were removed. Very tedious work.

I was also instructed to take her back to 2000 years ago to see her extremely dark role. This will definitely change your perspective on that story. It explained a lot.

Dark Ships Arrive 

There were many dark hats in all forms 2000 years ago, who knew we were there to bring in the Light in a powerful way, and came up with many means to stop us.

The Light Family was doing pretty well for a while with the activations done in the small groups, and the teachings in the larger groups. The family would split up to go to many different areas to bring enlightenment. We were awakening as many as possible, and anchoring the Light.

Here is what was revealed from this dark wizard, who I will call DW. She as a male came in with three dark ships, with him in command, and fully dressed as a Roman General. Several of these beings I knew from this life, as did she. He had a plan to have Yeshua crucified and take out some of the family members and apostles or followers. He saw himself )standing on a balcony in town overlooking the street and people, and said to himself, “Oh, this is going to be great fun and quite easy, actually!”

He finds a few women who are traders and brings them drugs and jewelry. One of them has a new job to seduce the guardians of the family that go around checking everything for safety. She would drug them so they became sexually addicted to the her and the sex, and started spending a lot of time with the guardians.

Another woman worked on the rulers and always wanted gems and gold. Yet another was sent to the palace and became a sex toy for the ruler and said she wanted the head of John the Baptist. She got it, too.

Under Attack 

DW paid people to start spreading the negative rumors about Yeshua and the Tribe. Some of the big Sanhedrin saw Yeshua as competition, so it was easy to get them riled up, and also working and plotting behind the scenes.

He was put in charge of Roman Troops and started setting up the attacks. Because one of our male guardians was missing some of his duties, it became easier to find us. A fellow we worked on, Joel, regressed into his job back then also as a guardian that would go out ahead and check the area for any Romans. Sometimes he would look around the site for a couple of days and join his friend, I’ll call Brad, who also was in this assignment. Brad never came and soon the Romans showed up but Joel escaped and put the word out for the Tribe not to gather. They were tracking us now and Brad may have given this wench some of our locales.

Another gathering was set up and Brad lost it again and the Tribe came and set up. We were then raided by DW and the Romans. Many were raped and beaten, myself included. They would restrain some of the men to watch.

Joel was back at his dwelling with his daughter when Brad came running in and told Joel what he had found out about what happened and the harm he caused the Light Family. He was so ashamed he decided to leave all together, and so he did.

Joel felt so guilty when he heard how bad it was, and about not keeping closer tabs on his good friend Brad, he went out to a cliff and jumped to his death. We needed to clear him of this.

We were raided four times and it got worse each time. The forth time was a set up by a woman we worked on who was with us then. There was a small family gathering in a second-floor building. We were to share food, healing and plans. This gal was to make and bring the bread to the gathering. She had a Roman tracking her for a while and he came out of the woods to follow her and flirt as he had before. He kept on her till he found out where she was bringing the bread.

The Romans came and locked us in this room and proceeded to rape and kill several people. My son and husband were killed while trying to protect us, as I was getting raped. One woman was taken outside and gutted. Yeshua was dragged off to the local jail, although we got him out. This was really bad!

So DW, the Dark Wizard Roman General got Yeshua arrested and insisted he be crucified. He gathered people outside where he was held to yell and make a scene, and to have him crucified. DW is the one with a couple of others that paid people to come and make a ruckus, throw stones, kick and brutalize Yeshua while dragging the cross. Some of the family got beat up as well. The head of the Sanhedrin was all for it, to have Yeshua crucified.

A side note here: I met a man that moved to my area and he claimed to channel since he proclaimed to be both Yeshua and Buddha. Seriously! I worked on his back and straightened his spine, (I should have known he was spineless) and got him a job in the shop that I was in. He pulled the other workers together and turned on me to get me fired. My friend said, that’s what he does, so he can have a better position. I came home and sat with the lavender and said, “OK guys, who is this character?” It was like a movie screen came up to show me that he had been Caiaphas, the head of the Sanhedrins. Eventually I saw him and told him this after the shop owner fired him. He packed up and left town!

Much happened after this and the family was not safe. So we went many places indeed. There have always been stories of people seeing Yeshua after the crucifixion, and rightly so. I asked the Stellar Skulls about him showing up so often. They shared that once he got together with the galactic Team he would indeed beam down to many places, since he certainly did not feel his teachings were done. So yes, he got around a lot!

Yeshua: Please read this with an open mind, since this is my family!

*The Cosmic Blue Triangle

*Stellar Skulls and Yeshua through Crysta of Team Earth.



There are many untold stories as you can imagine. Could you be a part of one of the Magdalene circles or a significant being from that time?

Have you had multi-dimensional Past Life regressions done? This process is deeper than any other, serving your lineage, friends and Gaia.

Are you ready to look in?  This is some of the 5D Core Clearing work from Team Earth that assists you and Gaia. The time is now and the Team and Gaia are ready for you preparing for Ascension and the New Earth.

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