Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

 By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta

The Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe is a group of crystalline skulls that have come into 3D at this time to assist, serve, teach

Glyph= "Moon Water"

Works with Moon, Water and Sun.

and awaken all who are open to their wonderful gifts. These amazing heart-centered beings of light in this particular tribe, have many skulls with different glyphs, raised in relief on their noggins. You can activate a glyph just by drawing or copying it. You can print one and hang it up, rub your hand over a photo, just hold one, or lay one on your body. You can even put one on a map to energize that specific energy over a huge area, with your heartfelt intention. It helps to call in *Voice of the Water Element*, the skull that carries this blessed glyph, “Moon Water”, on her noggin.

Since they are a 7th dimensional language of light, the energy moves instantly to where you focus. I have discovered that the “Glyphs” or “Keys” actually spin when you ask them into your heart, or send them through your heart with a beam of light and sound, with the Stellar Skull in your consciousness.

Here’s How it Works

*Voice*: “What it does is spin off excess energy from an area. You can bring me and my glyph into your heart and send this with a beam (of love, light and joy) to a specific spot on the planet, and see our whole energy system vibrate off the pollution and elements, that are sickening our beloved Earth’s water. See it like a crystalline vortex of light, spinning up and out, even from Fukushima, from your neighborhood waters, to specific areas where the whales or dolphins are mating. They feel it and it makes them a bit giddy with joy.” Since I know you are so busy, is it OK to use you all the time?

*Voice*: “It helps to use me off and on, as I have many obligations. It assists the earth beings, because we, as one combined heart-light, need to undo what humanity has already done. So, does one second, and one thought do it? There are lessons that need to be learned, so it is not just an easy fix, like that! Yes, it needs to be consistent, so perhaps each day we can work together. I also assist in spotlighting those who have created the injustice or coverup. Therefore, bring our essence in again, with the joined heart energy, to those meetings and companies (for example: oil companies or nuclear power plants) that need assistance improving their practices, and letting go of those who are at fault, or who are continuing to perpetuate the abuse of movements of machinery and resources.”

Sending the Glyphs with Sound and Movement

Glyph-"Moon Water"

Glyph – “Moon Water”

*Voice*: “When any heart-centered being sends out a healing vibration, it is enhanced with sound, and helps to move the healing ray into the etheric, the auric field, and the physical body of the resounding being. So, it truly does assist the whole process ~ absolutely.” “The stars and angels bring in their light through movement. These keys or symbols or glyphs allow us to create a shape in a several dimensions, that can then move outwards and embody that moving language of light.”

Clearing and Calming the Emotional Body and Past-live

Aurora (another “Team Earth” member) and I put our hands on “Moon Water” glyph. Aurora went immediately into a past-life, and found a place where she may have split off a part of her self, from a dark circumstance. She was moved quickly through to a place of completion. I saw the glyph out in front of me, about 3′ across. It started to spin, then moved right through my solar plexus, out the back about 3′ and back in again. It then shrank down to about 2″, proceeded to move up to my crown, down to my feet, stopping to spin in certain areas. This was exhilarating!

Natural Water Disasters

*Voice*: “I also serve to help calm the emotions of many when there has been a natural water disaster.” We can put “Moon Water” on a map over Fukushima, Japan. Even though that event is far from natural, we can be most helpful, as she said, by sending “Moon Water” there every day.

*Voice*: “This serves others well to dig deep into their own relationship with self, and with others in community, using me as a tool. I allow them to balance their ‘selves’ if they are missing a particular element. If someone is missing emotional content, or is too emotional, I help create that balance and bring in the galactic light to help tone down the extremes.” I feel you have something to add here! Will you share with us your moon connection?

*Moon Water*: “My abilities stem from another stellar being who has a heart and soul ~ the moon here in this Solar System. We also bring in the moons from any other celestial being, as well as moons from this Time Space Universe, and even other universes. Imagine the combined pin point of my Key of “Moon Water”, and then sending this stellar light of balanced emotions, as the moon often affects our emotional bodies, and creates another level of balance. This effects waters everywhere; lakes, ponds, oceans, and even drops of water. We add this special ‘angelic starlight energy’ into all bodies of water. So truly, I enhance the process to the infinite degree of light! Our combined intentions serve to make the degree of cosmic change in a new way. It is about intention and hearts combined.”

‘Beam on’ with your creativity, and clear heart-felt intention, using this amazing stellar glyph from the Crystalline Stellar Skulls.

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