Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

                                                                                  Stellar Skulls Changing Timelines
                     By Terra Rae and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls
*Great Blue Expanse* (#52G) ~ through Crysta

For the past several years, Terra Rae and Crysta have been working with a tribe of amazing crystal (crystalline) skulls. Crysta also receives messages from each skull directly. Terra and Crysta say that the skulls have worked together with humanity in many past civilizations, and they refuse to work with dark forces in any manner. Terra and Crysta offer Crystalline Stellar Skull Readings under OPEN EXCHANGE’s Spirit & Soul category.

Rising out of the past and lower octave 3D reality.

Exploring Past-lives

Exploring Past-lives

I see Timelines as going to the core of a time, place, event or situation that had a great impact on an individual, a community, a civilization or possibly the whole planet. Here’s an example: Perhaps Bill had an occurrence in a past life which left him wounded or imprinted in a way that is still running his life right now. His recurring injury in his left knee is still nagging him from the unresolved issue.

Thousands of years ago, Bill was looked up to, and trusted, by many in his village. He had met several traders at another village that traded from all the surrounding areas. Going against the rules set up by his village, he invited these men to bring their goods, thinking it would get him even more favors with his villagers. These men followed him home with a plan to raid his village and take what they wanted, doing so at the expense of many lives. Bill wounded his left knee and was never able to walk again.

Bill can now change the Timeline by owning up to his own ego motives. He can travel the Timeline back, clear the people, ask for forgiveness, and send light to any others who still may be carrying an imprint of the treachery. He can then examine agreements about not deserving power, family or friends, being trusted, getting even, and then see where else (besides the knee) he may be carrying these self-imposed burdens, emotions and lessons.

Once he forgives himself and others, he can even go back etherically to the land, and clear anything still held in the magnetic grids. It is like a domino effect, in that it clears other lives having the same unresolved lessons.

The dark spots and holes in the auric field may be the built up magnetized negative thoughts and beliefs, since we are electromagnetic beings of light. They get cleared as well!

*Great Blue Expanse* #51

*Great Blue Expanse* can fly you through the timelines!

I asked for another perspective from the Stellar Skull *Great Blue Expanse.* (#52G)

Ever So Important

*Great Blue Expanse* can fly you through the timelines.

Oh my, this is ever so important! Many times people hold on, for the sake of keeping oneself in a safe place. In other words, not allowing to move into the darkness or through the fear of something one may have done in a previous life. Truly, we want individuals on the planet today to look more deeply into past lives, so they can move through that fear, gain a lesson from whatever role they may have played, and allow the release of that turmoil, fear and terror which is still being held in their bodies. Often this is part of the post-traumatic stress that individuals are plagued with today, trying a number of modalities or therapies, yet only touching upon the surface ~ never releasing it.

Often light-workers have naively played a role a long time ago, and been duped by the dark side. They were not always knowing they even played a role: perhaps a spell was cast upon them, perhaps they were an easy mark. This is where the dark side can easily gain entry and take over one’s mind, even today.

With this said, Timelines are a way to look back clearly and visit this time when the pain or injury was inflicted, and move through that life in detail, to learn how one might still be involved in this same group of characters today.
Afraid to Look at the Dark?

One can track how these same individuals are causing one pain, gaining clarity about the dynamics of the situation. ‘Am I stuck in pattern, preventing myself from resolving these emotions in every cell in my body? Who are these people in this life? Did I do some wrong before? Are these individuals somehow paying me back now, or are they here to remind me that this is not right or forgiven or just misunderstood? Are we all playing this out with the same cast of characters in different roles, yet still the dysfunction occurs?’ The ability to move forward, past this, regaining intimate heart-connections within community of like-minded individuals, or one’s soul tribe, cannot be grown, refined or perhaps achieved. How sad is this?

The-Quickening Do you have the courage to step up to the plate and say, ‘I am ready to see what has been holding me back forever’? ‘It seems, when I want to go so far and do so much to help others, I feel helpless on a certain level.’ If these words sound familiar, you perhaps would like to peer into a past life via a Timeline. We as Stellar Skulls know how to move back, to clear, and to move forward, regaining lost abilities, even moving forward into the future in a stronger dynamic, in a more resilient body. We can show you how to do this with ease!


Moving through dimensions!

Find someone you trust who does this work. Ask them particular questions. ‘Can you help me clear the grids and others if I once took a role in doing something detrimental to others?’

Perhaps there is a group of beings that are being held somehow captive because of an activity you played a role in. Wouldn’t you rest easier if you knew you could unravel this, track it back and then forward, and release others? Would you like to stand up once and for all for the greater good, and especially for yourself, moving forward on a clear path towards Ascension? Are you feeling anxious, waiting for your role to appear, when truly it is within you? Are you are afraid to look into a possible dark side which could be preventing you from moving forward on a grand scale?

This is just from my perspective, of being able to see back millennia in other universes, even moving forward many years into the future in this Universe and others. Be willing to see and feel whatever or where ever you are shown!

What are you waiting for?

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