Disturbing EMFs ~ Gone?

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth

It was about a week after Suzy had finished the last round of Crystalline Clearing and Healing with “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. She had been suffering greatly with EMF (Electro-Magnetic Frequency) sensitivity. She worked on the computer set way back on her desk, and only at a minimum, and she could barely get near a light socket without feeling triggered. Most people did not believe her, since she would ask them not to use their cell phones or other devices near her, as it could make her extremely uncomfortable.
She had approached #TeamEarth for assistance with her daughter and granddaughter, not really expecting relief for herself. They showed her that she had been magnetizing a phenomenal amount of these harmfully negative EMFs to herself with the setup of etheric, nefarious devices in, on and around her. This kept her scrambled, and was lowering her immune system, as well as depressing her in a big way. She shared that she could actually feel and hear a buzzing most of the time, but she just ignored it. Her skin, and certain areas of her body, were extremely sensitive.

She awoke early that day, and noticed something very different as she lay there wondering what it was. It actually seemed rather strange, yet she didn’t have a clue of what this new feeling was. Looking at the photo of a Crystalline Stellar Skull on her nightstand, she said, “What is this strange feeling I’m so aware of?”

She heard immediately, “You are clear! This is what it feels like to be cleared. Are you buzzing?”

“No, I’m not buzzing. My system and body are completely quiet!” she softly responded, as she now realized what this new feeling was.

She couldn’t decide if she was more excited to hear directly from the Stellar Skull, or to be told she was clear, and this is what it feels like! Now she felt totally calm, with no buzzing or discomfort, and this was a whole new experience!

Suzy later called Terra Rae and just about yelled into the phone, “It’s gone! Totally gone! All the EMF sensitivity is gone for the first time in my life. I keep thinking I’m going to feel it, but I don’t. It was the Stellar Skull that told me what this new feeling is ~ and I could hear him. Yippee!”