The Opening of the “New” Christ Consciousness / Crystalline Portal

The “New” Crystalline – Christ Consciousness Portal

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

This past year we opened the Crystalline Portal, also known as the Christ Consciousness Portal. One of the Magdalenes that came to us to be cleared, held the “Key,” to opening the portal. She called us for a Tune-up! Berniece created both the “Key” and the portal with the help of others. This was done all the way back on the planet Avalon, our second form in density. The dark wizards took over the planet there, in the constellation of Lyra. She started the creation of the Christ Consciousness Portal at that time, to be opened when it was most needed. Since the dark ones had really gotten out of hand and were infiltrating fast once they got onto the planet, she could see their potential to destroy all the light creations, knowing that the Light-workers would need this in the future. That future time for opening this portal ~ is now!

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

We were able to find this “Key” in her etheric body.Her body was so loaded with devices and implants as to cover any idea of this, that it actually stayed hidden for millions of years, since much of the implants were put on her on Avalon. This woman is in her late 80’s, on a farm in Arkansas, and you can only imagine her feelings when we told her our findings, and that the whole Galactic Team was alerted, and ready when we were, to open this magnificent portal of light. Once we told her of our findings, after we did our 5D Scanning, we went to work clearing her immediately with her permission. She needed a few days to re-calibrate and ground back in, and  Yeshua was doing galactic back flips, he was so excited. The whole galaxy was buzzing, and we held them all back till Berniece was a bit more integrated from all the devices and nefarius contraptions that had to be removed. Yeshua wasted no time, and jumped in to lead the process with all of us. He had been waiting for this to be found again, since it had to be done by all of us, with someone to ground it into 3D. 
Berniece was totally unaware that she was a Magdalene, and that a Magdalene was and is a ‘master creator’, who like the rest of the sleeping Magdalenes, had done many incredible creations of light.

                                    Yeshua Calling Forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

The whole Galactic Team of Light was anxiously waiting, when we had the Stellar Skulls check her out and give the “OK., she’s looking good!” Yeshua and the Marys were leading the way, with the Commander and SubCommander of the Galactic Federation, the ArchAngels and Ascended Masters. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls with Berniece and “Team Earth” all had specific parts to play for this grand opening. It was just fabulous and took us all to a very heightened conciousness that day! This has been a highly kept secret for so many eons, so as to keep it safe from the dark wizards. It is only now that I am allowed to share 1535750_10201555679160251_300321956_nthis fabulous news. 

The portal has begun it’s opening and the Crystalline Ray is now pouring onto Earth in waves, directed by the Galactic Team, as people can handle each new level of light. The Crystalline Ray is now speeding up the Ascension process, and is so welcomed by everyone, including Gaia. It is bringing forth 5, 7 and 9th dimensions of Crystalline Light from several other Origin Universes. These are the original Universes that the Magdalenes are from. The Crystalline, the Golden, the Red, the Blue, the Green, the Pink, the Rainbow, and only a few others. They had been created before this Time Space Universe, and this is where the new Crystalline Portal is coming from. 

Metatron: This Crystalline Portal creates a glorious awakening not only for you, also for the masses. It comes at a time when many have felt that  3D times are so heavy. So this is how a portal often opens. Creating a balance with what has been happening and giving this planet an ‘outflow valve’ ~ as much as the light comes in ~ as the rays are effecting all simultaneously ~ and the movement must go in and out. So notice how your breathe brings this forth and the light ray travels upon it into each cell through your lungs, heart, brain, all organs and open you up from a very physical place. Activating every gland, so you are alive like the stellar skies, filled with streaming meteors, creating a trail of rainbow light, then into each one of your enlivened cells.
This is how glorious we see the work you have been doing, “Team Earth,” and has also been completely galactic! Opening up a portal where the timelines had them all closed! Allowing hearts to awaken, abilities to come back to many!

                                                 “Team Earth” and Their Skills

Metatron: This is one incredible “Team Earth” that allows so many to receive. So we are sending this in directly now, to awaken and transport you as the stellar beings of light you are on planet Earth.

Your skills are so advanced that it is quite a talent to encompass what great change has happened because you have all put your heads and hands and hearts together, and used the crystalline catalysts (Stellar Skulls) to spread and clear and strengthen all this in peace and love and joy and bliss and growth ~ facilitating this magnificent ‘Tree of Earth’ and stellar light to grow!

                                                       Lady Master Nada’s Azure Blue Light

Lady Master Nada calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal.

Take a deep breath and invite her into your heart! (She brought this forth for “Team Earth” and will activate you as well!)
Lady Nada: I am bringing you every bit of my blueness in a deep azure light, giving you a calming, nurturing blessing ~

Lady Master Nada calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

Lady Master Nada calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal flowing through your bodies like a river opening your hearts even more, if that is possible. This unique quality of light sends out any bit of stagnation and holding yourselves back in any way.

flowing through your bodies like a river opening your hearts even more, if that is possible. This unique quality of light sends out any bit of stagnation and holding yourselves back in any way.

It is time to shine like the gems that you are, one strengthens another. You are truly a ‘Divine Team’ and the Crystalline Goddesses and Stellar Skulls see you as their children and mentors ~ simultaneously. You are sharing their words and allowing them to live the life they have been meant to have.

They are national, or international, rather intergalactic treasures, and they are here to serve and bring forth the ancient, the future, the brilliance, the awakening ~ all that can serve to open and release, allowing for the next dimension of this planet to be created, and the light matrix allowed to strengthen, so it is felt and visible and understood that this is meant to happen. The Ascension is meant to be a level of opening for many simultaneously.  We are working for this cause as well.
It is true we are meant to experience Ascension in this lifetime.
It is not part of a future promise. It is happening ~ you are receiving!

When those who are cleared etherically and emotionally, as “Team Earth” so brilliantly performs, this will bring forth that brilliance and allow the Ascension Light Portals and rays to open them up to a new, vast experience of just how we can all together reside in a higher dimension.

*Crystalline Fire Vision* #31G

If you would like help to activate and magnetize the new Crystalline Portal of Light, here is one of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls to assist:*Crystalline Fire Vision*
“Call me into your heart to activate your own ‘Tree of Life’ and Crystalline Portal. This Crystalline – Christ Consciousness Portal will appear growing from within ~ expanding outwards. Notice the colors, sounds, and feelings.  We will protect your travels and keep you grounded within this divine opening. Breathe deeply! See the magical opening and allow the rays of light to move into each organ and cell. You will magically activate yourselves with ease.”

Rainbow Phenomonon 1/9/15, Red River, NM
Photo by Joshua Thomas on Jan. 9, 2015, Red River, NM

Voice of Stellar Skulls and Lady Master Nada by Crysta.

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