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Crystalline Ray of Light for Anything Pandemic

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth” There is so much talk right now: “Should I, or shouldn’t I, get a vaccine?” I hear many saying they do not want to be around anyone without a vaccine. And I also hear others saying they are getting “outgassed” by being around those with one! People seem to […]

Best-Kept Secrets — Revealed

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth” Are you working the Light? I know you are working, writing, teaching, healing others – yet are you using any Light-protection? I’ve addressed this several times, and now is a critical time – like never before! And, using the Light is Free! Are you calling in Ascended Masters to […]

Ascension Awareness from Stellar Cat Skulls and Cat Nation

Urgent Message from Cat Nation By Terra Rae and Crysta of “Team Earth” When “Team Earth” gathers together, we often focus on the animals, and send out tremendous Light with our Crystalline Teams, since they can move quickly through all dimensions. Our intention raises awareness for powerful and positive changes within different animal nations, organizations, blocking poachers […]

Advanced Sessions

Light Ships Abound ~ The question is, are you looking for them? Keep your eyes on the sky! MORE Advanced “Clearing to the Core” Offered by “Team Earth,” with the Crystalline and Galactic Teams 5D Body Scanning (We draw up whatever does not belong in your Light bodies, affecting your physical, emotional and Spiritual Bodies.) 5D Tracking: (Of where, when and how nefarious devices, […]