Who Are The Magdalenes or the Blue Ray Beings?

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Maybe you are one?

This writing may strike a chord deep within your heart and soul. It surely will raise a lot of questions. In the past few decades, I have had many clients who thought they were Magdalene or had others tell them that.

It’s time to clarify this since I found these folks confused since they thought they were Mary Magdalene from 2000 years ago.

As we grew up, and many of us were going to different churches, they would teach that Mary Magdalene was a whore and a harlot. How convenient of the “Dark Side” to alter the Bible so many times, removing any of the Magdalene and female teachings, making Mary a weak one and needing great repentance, with Mary Magdalene as the bad girl. Ha!

In actuality, most of the tribe with Yeshua had set this event up eons earlier to come together at that specific time, after 1000 years of studying in the mystery schools to prepare for this event. They are of what I call The Magdalene Line, also known as, The Blue Ray Beings and the Illuminated Ones. 

Prime Creator and Divine Mother created the Blue Ray Beings. This was before this Universe, as these beings were created in the Origin Universes. Some were from the Blue Universe and a handful of other Universes. Now there are gillions of Universes.

It took a group of highly committed and trained powerhouses of Light to come together during that dark, confusing, and overshadowed time to bring forth the actual teachings of Divine Light. Yeshua had it set up with sacred geometry and power numbers. There were six circles of 12 women and six circles of 12 men – making 144 Magdalenes, with many more in the community. Each circle served the circle before them, and the first circle of women were close family members. The first circle of men were the 12 apostles and some family members.                                       

The Marys

Mary Magdalene represented and held, as she does today, the Divine Feminine, not just on this planet but in this Universe. The whole group brought in the Divine Feminine to be anchored upon the Earth, including Yeshua and the other Marys. When people feel strongly about Magdalene, it may be because they are “a Magdalene” as well, who also made the commitment to bring forth much greatness. Of course, not everyone was committed! And not everyone followed through with their obligations.

When I refer to “The Marys,” this includes the four women who were very close to Yeshua 2000 years ago, as well as today since they show up together when we call them in. (This has happened quite regularly since we put them to work and play a lot!)

They include Anna, Yeshua’s grandmother (Mother Mary’s Mother), and his cousin Miriam, the daughter of Mary’s sister Rebecca, who was raised together with Yeshua. (She, too, was a grand healer and teacher. She still is!) The one you know as Mary Magdalene, who became Yeshua’s wife, was and is a master teacher of the Essene light teachings, Egyptian, and many mystery schools. As difficult as it was then, she never stopped teaching the light family, disciples, and flocks of followers.

And yes, there was quite a bloodline that came from this tribe of magnificent Beings. This bloodline was the plan. Many escaped to France, anchoring in their Light. So, they moved to England and visited Wales, Scotland, and elsewhere to again anchor in the Divine Light and awaken people to the Christ Consciousness Teachings. You may also know these as the Origin Teachings of Light.

Followed by the Dark Hats

The dark hats had tracked many of us and were quite present in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas. Some dropped in from dark ships as Roman Generals and the like. They set up the crucifixion, which did happen, and was not meant to be. All of the Magdalenes there were imprinted with these horrors and need clearing. We were able to anchor in the Light and do amazing things. I have worked with and cleared many Magdalenes and pulled up stories about what really happened there, including Team Earth. Many of the light family were raped, killed, and brutalized. Those of us still alive barely escaped. But that is another story for another time!

We didn’t have that many of us gather again for another 500 years. When in England, we anchored in the Light for the future. We created Camelot and Avalon as powerful light beings to anchor in the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine Light again and bring forth our teachings of Christ Consciousness. We co-created so many ideas for transparent and thriving communities. We did incredible things that are now only a whisper.

At that time, the dark came in as a group of witches in a very powerful coven. Many Magdalenes had gone into the dark realms, always coerced by the wizards. They seduced the Knights and committed horrific atrocities against them. Eventually, they got into the fairy realm and Inner Earth, taking down some of the last Dragons of Light along with fairies and elves. Last but not least, they made it into Avalon, the brilliant community of women’s magical arts – for total destruction. So many of us suffered so greatly that we have not gathered again as a large group ever since for reasons of safety. This story also needs to be told because you were probably there!

(Mary Heartsong’s beautiful books are through the voice of Anna and gives a lot of insight into their journey back then. Anna was in the physical for over 600 years at that time, preparing for Yeshua, “The Marys, and the families.”)                               

Time-Space Universe

So, what does that mean?

This “Time-Space Universe” was set up to be a polarity Universe to understand ‘all that is,’ and the polarity game. A potent, dedicated, and well-trained group of Light Beings stepped forth when the dark side of the polarity was overtaking quite a bit of the new creations of Light throughout the whole Universe.

These Light-beings are holders of Christ Consciousness right within their DNA. As stated, Many of them came from different Universes to help co-create this one since they had been integral in bringing some of the other Universes into balance before starting this one. Many of you reading this are also from some of these fantastic Light Universes, as are The Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses. Some of you committed yourself to the Light back then. These beings of Light knew that it would take some pretty monumental and well thought-out, robust plans and dynamic ideas set in place, with a significant commitment to bring this Universe and Earth into the actual balance of the Divine Christ Consciousness Light.

Earths Creation

Earth was brought forth through the loins of one of these beautiful and most potent Magdalene beings, who had been around for 100,000 years in that incarnation. She came into this “Time-Space Universe” from the “Rainbow Universe.” She saw that we needed a place for the full expression of the Divine Feminine.

Our first form in density was on Avyon, in the Constellation of Lyra. We had created a most beautiful planet with much water and many lifeforms. It had two moons, and we were thriving for quite a while, exploring the polarity game and creation. I call it Blue Star-Born since we created it with our Blue Rays from the stars. Because of revenge, hatred, the misuse of power, and extensive infiltration from the dark agenda, Avyon was then blown up.

Near the Pleiades, this Magdalene being, a fantastic goddess of Light, shot a new planet into the constellation that holds Sirius. It had many similarities to Avyon since so many of us loved Avyon so much that we longed for her Blue Star-Born beauty.

Many stepped up to start the polarity game there, to see if all could live in harmony and balance, with many lifeforms, including reptilians. This planet, named Tiamat, was kept secret for a long time to see if the balance of polarity would work. It worked for quite a while until the nefarious ones I call the “dark wizards” sent in dark reptilians to infiltrate with lies and deception, shift the balance, and conquer Tiamat.

That blessed planet was then blown up, and some of us who loved her so much brought her here to the far end of the Galaxy to try our best to reshape and heal her. She used to be three times this size. Gaia holds the Divine Feminine for this Galaxy and is a Divine Mother of great magnitude. Since our Team works directly with her, I will tell you that in the past, Gaia had been very giving, tolerant and lenient, but now Gaia is really tired of the abuse.


The Blue Ray

The story is, as the *Crystalline Stellar Skulls* shared with us, upon exploring this subject further, that many of the Magdalenes, including the Marys and Anna’s bloodline, are related on a soul-spirit level. But not all of them! This Magdalene Line is still a cellular recognition of Christ Consciousness.

This line has men and women, though it does not mean it is of Yeshua. It means it is a brilliant blue, white, silvery Ray of shimmering Light. It is that which our beloved planet Gaia came in on – and our cosmos was meant to have. It’s also the brightest of the bright and the healing, high-fifth-dimensional, Crystalline vibration. Those of the Blue Ray lineage were created with this Light, and they carry it with them. So, although the dark wizards have weakened it tremendously, we are now bringing it back on!

 What Happened to the Magdalenes?

Unfortunately, many Magdalenes do not know the Blue Ray is within them if they have not tuned into a phenomenal spiritual consciousness. They forgot their plan and agreement to do some big things here to awaken the masses and heal the planet and even the Galaxy. Many get tripped up at every turn. Their projects, brilliant ideas, writings, and more just get blocked and flitter away for no apparent reason. They seek masters, teachers, and gurus, not knowing that many of these characters sold out to the dark long ago. They set up the seekers to get “hit” even more, not knowing they are still hooked onto these nefarious betrayers. Breathe deeply – it’s true!

The Stellar Skulls added that we have seen this to be so accurate that many of those in great turmoil right now may not have ever asked, “Am I one of the Magdalene Line or a Blue Ray Being?” And truth be told, they have been having a difficult time, life after life, because they came in as part of this Christ-and-Mary lineage of the blue and silver-white Ray of Light. They were “hit” hard, and then harder and then hardest by the dark side, or dark wizards as I refer to the big ones since they invented the nefarious wizardry of perversion and destruction, which is all they do.

They have been “hit” very hard because their Light was recognized. The dark demons can use this powerful Blue Ray Energy for more of their destruction! These are the ones who need the most light-healing to the core of their being, so they can once again rise to the top and reclaim their brilliance. Unfortunately, many of them can’t move forward and are tripped up if they do. Some try not to make any waves, as they feel something is “just not right” and may have accidents or physical situations that they can’t heal or understand.

Finding the Magdalenes

I asked Archangel Metatron awhile back, just how many of the Magdalene Line, or Blue Ray Beings, are here in the physical on Earth? He thinks that there are between 150,000 to 200,000. There are a lot more coming in now. Some of these brilliant beings are also waking up their parents to who they really are. It is hard to get an exact number since most are asleep. Many of our families in The Galactic Federation of Loving Light are also Magdalenes. Some of them are real superheroes!

We have noticed that when one is open to receiving this information, often a Light bulb of awareness goes on. Sometimes one may be attuned to it when there is a healing crisis, and they become a magnificent healer for themselves or another. It may give them the incentive to get healed to the core of their soul and be a part of the dynamic global change. Decades ago, I had blue pin lights come out of my hands to assist someone in bad shape!

Since we, as “Team Earth,” do the kind of deep clearing it takes to awaken those hardest hit, we see incredible difficulties fall away for a new chance at life and being part of the global change when their brilliance is brought forth and reactivated.

We work with people all the time who are amazed to find that they had been master creators, could sing up creative forces with their voice, or still have an elemental or fairy language within them that the dark ones distorted. Once cleared, you can use them again! So many Light Languages are coming in now as well! Many of these Light Beings danced, played, and created with the incredible *Crystalline Stellar Skulls*, though this was long forgotten.

People are amazed to see themselves able to bring whole communities into a thriving, co-creating life force. Our entire Galactic Team now realizes that the stronger the Light someone has been, the harder they have been hit by the dark side. This understanding has helped them greatly in their work.

One woman we worked with recently found that she had been one of the original master creators of Lemuria here on Earth. Her response was, “Me? Little old me?”
My response to her was, “Yes, you are old, quite ancient dear woman, and there is nothing little about you! You are indeed a brilliant Magdalene!” (When I first met her a few years back, she was dying, and now she is thriving!)

Stellar Skulls:“Most of the Magdalenes are on some path that is directing them. They just need to open their eyes, ears, minds, and hearts to this level of knowledge. And, some of the *Crystalline Stellar Skulls* can awaken this among many!”

Call in the Crystalline Stellar Skulls and Goddesses and ask for the help you need and the connections you desire.
The exceptional skill-sets that the light-workers have or are exploring make a remarkable difference in their opening, especially if it comes from the heart and may possibly open another heart. Painting, creating music and dancing all play a role in the synergistic level of change. Teachers, technicians, and scientists are now open to making a difference here on Gaia. Stay grounded and in your heart. Use the Light Rays that I have written about. And definitely use protection.

Check out our website for articles addressing all of these topics:

We will share the Magdalene Ray of Light with you next time, as it works for everyone!

Before the time of Yeshua, it was easier to find and recognize each other. Not so much now! The teachings and the use of the Magdalene Ray of Light will help to open this recognition once again and generate the frequency outwards – to have the right individuals find you and bring forth your tribe of collaboration – once again!

When you are ready to be Cleared to the Core and break through to your Divine being – we are here for you! *********************************************************************
Mary Magdalene, in response to the above article:

“This is written quite well, indeed! And it is true that I came in and chose a path of bold determination. This path is truly the Magdalene lineage of moving forward without any interference and speaking and doing what has been given to one as a Path of Light. No matter how far, as you would say, “out of the box” it may seem, one must move forward. It is a vital key to listen specifically to the heart and hear what is of pure Light, always asking for divine, grounded guidance. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls have one such key, and that is precisely the opening of this sacred vessel: the heart. I came up against many obstacles and opinions of me and my actions, so honestly, in the present day on Earth, your moving forward and declaring a path of Light may seem much more accessible.

What is standing in your way, I might ask? What is standing in the course of these “Magdalenes”: many of the others who have chosen this path, or this line of thinking, namely ‘The Lineage”?

This is the time to take your stand, claim your power and speak your heart. Move on to this NOW! You have my support, encouragement, and backing. Feel me as just that! I have your back, and I am standing behind you, blessed ones. Choose NOW!”

With my cherished heart-light, Mary Magdalene

Voice of the Stellar Skulls, Metatron, and Mary Magdalene ~ through the heart of Crysta.

If you want to meet these dedicated, extraordinary, heart-filled beings of Light, they are waiting for you!                         


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