The Opening of the “New” Christ Consciousness / Crystalline Portal

The “New” Crystalline – Christ Consciousness Portal

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

This past year we opened the Crystalline Portal, also known as the Christ Consciousness Portal. One of the Magdalenes that came to us to be cleared, held the “Key,” to opening the portal. She called us for a Tune-up! Berniece created both the “Key” and the portal with the help of others. This was done all the way back on the planet Avalon, our second form in density. The dark wizards took over the planet there, in the constellation of Lyra. She started the creation of the Christ Consciousness Portal at that time, to be opened when it was most needed. Since the dark ones had really gotten out of hand and were infiltrating fast once they got onto the planet, she could see their potential to destroy all the light creations, knowing that the Light-workers would need this in the future. That future time for opening this portal ~ is now!

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

We were able to find this “Key” in her etheric body. Read more

Who are the Crystalline Stellar Skulls? By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies. It is so exciting to introduce you to The Crystalline Stellar Skulls. When I was first introduced to these amazing Beings of light and heart, I stepped […]

Clear Past-Lives For Ascension Health

 by Terra Rae

Wouldn’t you like to find and reclaim amazing, brilliant and life-changing skills and abilities that you have mastered in other Clear Past-Lives For Ascension Healthlives, on other planets, and in much higher dimensions? They can be brought forth and reactivated so you can help yourself and so many others, as well as Gaia and the Galaxy for brilliant Ascension health!

People on Earth have been so manipulated that we have forgotten just how skillful and amazingly powerful we really are. I know that I did!  It was quite a plan to keep us all under control and in chaos, and prevent us from using these previously mastered abilities.

It is truly possible to blow off the shackles and reclaim the master being we are meant to be. Read more

Bringing Forth the Relationship or Community You Desire

Stellar Skulls can help you bring forth a true partner or Family of Light.

by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls

                                                                                                              *Spirit of Life & Joy* "Spirit " glyph #19S

Terra: Many of you may be creating an intention: to bring in your partner, or a community of like-minded, heart-centered individuals to co-create with, or to bring forth World Peace. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls have returned once again, to playfully and skillfully assist us and Gaia with all of these matters. Many of you know these Stellar Skulls. You just forgot, since it has been so long.

The heart-based Stellar Skulls have the ability to move energy and transform people’s emotional state and bodies in a blink of an eye ~ with your direction and request. Being so multi-dimensional, they arrive in an instant when you speak their name. Some of you will even be able to hear the skulls, since they have so much to say and share. Read more