The Importance of Merkabas – What, How and Why

Travel Safe With Your Merkaba By Terra Rae of “Team Earth” Metatron and the Stellar Skulls channeled through the Heart of Crysta Terra: I asked Metatron and the Stellar Skulls for the history and definition along with the best way to work with a personal Merkaba, since we add Merkabas to everyone and all over […]

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Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

                                                                                  Stellar Skulls Changing Timelines
                     By Terra Rae and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls
*Great Blue Expanse* (#52G) ~ through Crysta

For the past several years, Terra Rae and Crysta have been working with a tribe of amazing crystal (crystalline) skulls. Crysta also receives messages from each skull directly. Terra and Crysta say that the skulls have worked together with humanity in many past civilizations, and they refuse to work with dark forces in any manner. Terra and Crysta offer Crystalline Stellar Skull Readings under OPEN EXCHANGE’s Spirit & Soul category.

Rising out of the past and lower octave 3D reality.

Exploring Past-lives

Exploring Past-lives

I see Timelines as going to the core of a time, place, event or situation that had a great impact on an individual, a community, a civilization or possibly the whole planet. Here’s an example: Perhaps Bill had an occurrence in a past life which left him wounded or imprinted in a way that is still running his life right now. His recurring injury in his left knee is still nagging him from the unresolved issue.

Thousands of years ago, Read more

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

 By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta

The Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe is a group of crystalline skulls that have come into 3D at this time to assist, serve, teach

Glyph= "Moon Water"

Works with Moon, Water and Sun.

and awaken all who are open to their wonderful gifts. These amazing heart-centered beings of light in this particular tribe, have many skulls with different glyphs, raised in relief on their noggins. You can activate a glyph just by drawing or copying it. You can print one and hang it up, rub your hand over a photo, just hold one, or lay one on your body. You can even put one on a map to energize that specific energy over a huge area, with your heartfelt intention. It helps to call in *Voice of the Water Element*, the skull that carries this blessed glyph, “Moon Water”, on her noggin.

Since they are a 7th dimensional language of light, Read more

The Opening of the “New” Christ Consciousness / Crystalline Portal

The “New” Crystalline – Christ Consciousness Portal

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

This past year we opened the Crystalline Portal, also known as the Christ Consciousness Portal. One of the Magdalenes that came to us to be cleared, held the “Key,” to opening the portal. She called us for a Tune-up! Berniece created both the “Key” and the portal with the help of others. This was done all the way back on the planet Avalon, our second form in density. The dark wizards took over the planet there, in the constellation of Lyra. She started the creation of the Christ Consciousness Portal at that time, to be opened when it was most needed. Since the dark ones had really gotten out of hand and were infiltrating fast once they got onto the planet, she could see their potential to destroy all the light creations, knowing that the Light-workers would need this in the future. That future time for opening this portal ~ is now!

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

We were able to find this “Key” in her etheric body. Read more

Who are the Crystalline Stellar Skulls? By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies. It is so exciting to introduce you to The Crystalline Stellar Skulls. When I was first introduced to these amazing Beings of light and heart, I stepped […]

Bringing Forth the Relationship or Community You Desire

Stellar Skulls can help you bring forth a true partner or Family of Light.

by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls

                                                                                                              *Spirit of Life & Joy* "Spirit " glyph #19S

Terra: Many of you may be creating an intention: to bring in your partner, or a community of like-minded, heart-centered individuals to co-create with, or to bring forth World Peace. The Crystalline Stellar Skulls have returned once again, to playfully and skillfully assist us and Gaia with all of these matters. Many of you know these Stellar Skulls. You just forgot, since it has been so long.

The heart-based Stellar Skulls have the ability to move energy and transform people’s emotional state and bodies in a blink of an eye ~ with your direction and request. Being so multi-dimensional, they arrive in an instant when you speak their name. Some of you will even be able to hear the skulls, since they have so much to say and share. Read more

Why Clear Past Lives?

 by Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

Terra Rae of “Team Earth”
and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta

Wouldn’t you like to find and reclaim amazing, brilliant and life-changing skills and abilities that you have mastered in other lives, on other planets, and in much higher dimensions? They can be brought forth and reactivated so you can help yourself and so many others, as well as Gaia and the Galaxy.

People on Earth have been so manipulated that we have forgotten just how skillful and amazingly powerful we really are. I know that I did!  It was quite a plan to keep us all under control and in chaos, and prevent us from using these previously mastered abilities.

It is truly possible to blow off the shackles and reclaim the master being we are meant to be.

Being on a polarity planet, in “The Time-Space Universe,” we have had to understand the dualities and polarities of all expressions. Most of us have had lives of both light and dark for this understanding. I will define “light” as creation through expressions of love and allowing; “dark,” as destruction, perversion and overriding the will of others. Since Earth is a free will zone, this has been our school and playground to experience these expressions in all forms.


Many people are afraid to look at their past-lives, because they want only to be seen as good, loving, powerful light-beings. Yet the lessons of who you have been, and what still may need attention or clearing, seems to be the constant tripping up of a well-intentioned person or light worker.

By tracking and clearing a painful or willful past-life, you can also clear the people that you participated with, as well as that specific place. It can be cleared right through the ley lines. A negative idea and experience can be erased out of the magnetic grids all over the planet. This can also be done with a positive and powerful experience as well.

The Stellar Skulls and Archangels often give us an estimate of how many were cleared during a particular release.

Here’s an example:

We have all heard the question, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” Sometimes it is a past karmic connection, or a past-life belief that is still playing out. This could be laced with shame, guilt and judgement that draws an experience or dark energy to that person. It could be a hex that was left on, or recently put on the person. It may also be an etheric device in the body, running much negative programming to keep one from realizing their full potential, while numbing and dumbing them down.

These are all very common, and usually started in a past life. They hold judgement of Self and others, many fears and holding patterns which can manifest in a disease, or a stalemate in moving forward on a desirable path.

Queen of Lemuria ~ Joanna’s amazing story!

She was dying when she first came to see me. Her body was burned so badly from the inside out, that over 50% of her skin had oozing blisters. We established that it was radiation burns, though she couldn’t ever remember being exposed. For years, none of the doctors had been able to diagnose her condition.

We did an etheric body scanning on her to find that she had nefarious devices on her, that were adversely affecting not only Joanna, but everyone she came in contact with. Much of this was reactivated as she started to explore a spiritual path.

It took us to Lemuria, where she had lived for hundreds of years in a particular incarnation, as a high matriarch and master creator. She had been one of the originators of the Lemurian feminine principals. A true master of working with the elements in all their forms, she could communicate with the devas and the plant kingdom. She could call up Earth-heart and the Blue Ray for healing and manifesting, and she readily taught this to many, keeping the communities thriving. As the dark forces became more prevalent, they wanted to put an end to her ways, so they tortured and killed her husband. She sought revenge which was a new idea in her reality ~ and exactly what the dark wizards wanted. She fell right into their trap.

After incredible torture, which imprints the cellular memory, they put a dark mesh around her face and body, and many other implants, including transmitters in her head, throat and heart, to stop her many skills. They covered her in a dark, tar-like goo, made of an off-planet radiation, to try to stop her permanently from connecting to Earth-heart.

We discovered that since she had been moving into a more spiritual lifestyle with new practices, that it triggered the radiation that was already within her cells, to once again stop her. Hence the burns!

We found the holding patterns still carried in her body, and went into the programming of how worthless and powerless she thought she was, which seemed to stop her at every turn. When she saw all of this, she said: “I was able to do all of that ~ little old me? I created Lemuria?”

My reply was: “There is nothing “little” about you! You are a master creator, with many amazing skills you will use again!”

The Crystalline Stellar Skulls gave her a new statement to say out loud: “I completely adhere to my new contract, which is only of Light.”

The idea of working again with the devic and fairy kingdom once again got her very excited.

We removed everything and burned away the radiation with the help of the Stellar Skulls, also repairing her cells. We then called back what had been taken from her and others. All the dark wizardry was removed forever, with the implants. We then called forth the Blue Ray, and the ability to communicate with the devas and work with the elements.

Joanna had no idea of how powerful she really is, and she is learning fast. So much of her current life was explained as we unwound what she needed to see and feel. Her relationship with her loving husband, who is the same one as in that life, grew even stronger! Many agreements and contracts were dissolved, and her healing blossomed!

I invite you to call forth one of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls to help you in the dreamtime, and in the waking time, to see the blocks and the lives that need clearing. These wonderful sentient beings lovingly come in an instant, and are here to help those that ask. They can read the timelines, taking you there with your willingness to see and participate.

*Splendid Ray of Truth and Light* would be delighted to assist you, and states: “Without a healed light-worker, how can we proceed as a team, to the best of our group abilities? There is no holding back with me. I remove blocks so there is a new level of completion.”

*Splendid Light and Vision* (12G)

Meet A Crystalline Stellar Skull 

*Splendid Ray of Truth and     Light*                                           

I invite you to call forth one of the Crystalline Stellar Skulls to help you in the dreamtime, and in the waking time, to see the blocks and the lives that need clearing. These wonderful sentient beings lovingly come in an instant, and are here to help those that ask. They can read the timelines, taking you there with your willingness to see and participate.

*Splendid Ray of Truth and Light*
“You can change your path with my abilities to hone in on the most appropriate path for you. Without a healed light-worker, how can we proceed as a team, to the best of our group abilities? There is no holding back with me. I remove blocks so there is a new level of completion.

*Galactic Team Members: Ascended Masters, Archangels, Galactic Federation of Loving Light, Gaia and the Inner Earth.”