Advanced Sessions

Light Ships Abound ~
The question is, are you looking for them?
Keep your eyes on the sky!


Advanced “Clearing to the Core”
Offered by “Team Earth,” with the Crystalline and Galactic Teams

5D Body Scanning (We draw up whatever does not belong in your Light bodies, affecting your physical, emotional and Spiritual Bodies.)

5D Tracking: (Of where, when and how nefarious devices, implants, programming, contracts, curses were put in.)

5D Extractions of:
     Dark Implants (throughout the entire Body and Light Body
Dark Devices
     Entities and Creature  (All of these are on everyone and: In – on – over – under – around you, that you are most likely unaware of, though you may be aware of some of their effects. These can also be in the Inner Earth, and out in space, while connected to you.)

~ Release dark Transmitters: with adverse debilitating programming.
~ Release unwarranted voices: In your head that are not yours or your guides.
~ Released from the Dark Hats (Dark Wizards)

~ Removal of Curses: right through the Timelines
~ Removal of Contracts: throughout Time
~ Removal of ongoing ’Hits’ of dark EMFs (Electrical Magnetic Frequencies)
~ Removal of all kinds of cords

~ Past-Life Exploring: for what needs clearing and addressed
~ Clearing and regeneration of the Heart and Glands
~ Unwinding of the DNA: Once glands are cleared


Divine cords 

Golden cords – Connects  your heart and soul. Allows Prime Creator  to come through more clearly.

Dragon Eggs (gifts from prime creator)

Dragon Essence

Personal Dragon

Personal Aspects  Done in conjunction with a Past Life Regression.

Power Essences

Soul Essences – cord of light to divine

Soul Spirit

Heart Spirit

Heart Lights

Heart Essence – Helps those who are depressed. Giving them peace of mind and heart. Enables you to and love  yourself to express your heart fully. Enhances concentration and our heart in a beautiful way.

Starlights – between crown and 8th


Dragons Speak!

Personal Light Dragons Personal Dragons that align with a particular individual are able to drop down to 7D and 5D to be closer to 3D. This way they can protect and watch over the individual and their family. The individual can also learn to fly on them and ask to safely check out Earth, other planets […]

The Importance of Merkabas – What, How and Why

Travel Safe With Your Merkaba By Terra Rae of “Team Earth” Metatron and the Stellar Skulls channeled through the Heart of Crysta Terra: I asked Metatron and the Stellar Skulls for the history and definition along with the best way to work with a personal Merkaba, since we add Merkabas to everyone and all over […]

May 2015 Newsletter

April 2015 Stellar Newsletter

Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

Time Travel Can Heal and Release Emotions

                                                                                  Stellar Skulls Changing Timelines
                     By Terra Rae and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls
*Great Blue Expanse* (#52G) ~ through Crysta

For the past several years, Terra Rae and Crysta have been working with a tribe of amazing crystal (crystalline) skulls. Crysta also receives messages from each skull directly. Terra and Crysta say that the skulls have worked together with humanity in many past civilizations, and they refuse to work with dark forces in any manner. Terra and Crysta offer Crystalline Stellar Skull Readings under OPEN EXCHANGE’s Spirit & Soul category.

Rising out of the past and lower octave 3D reality.

Exploring Past-lives

Exploring Past-lives

I see Timelines as going to the core of a time, place, event or situation that had a great impact on an individual, a community, a civilization or possibly the whole planet. Here’s an example: Perhaps Bill had an occurrence in a past life which left him wounded or imprinted in a way that is still running his life right now. His recurring injury in his left knee is still nagging him from the unresolved issue.

Thousands of years ago, Read more

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

Using The Stellar Glyphs For Positive Change For You And The Planet

 By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

with the Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta

The Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe is a group of crystalline skulls that have come into 3D at this time to assist, serve, teach

Glyph= "Moon Water"

Works with Moon, Water and Sun.

and awaken all who are open to their wonderful gifts. These amazing heart-centered beings of light in this particular tribe, have many skulls with different glyphs, raised in relief on their noggins. You can activate a glyph just by drawing or copying it. You can print one and hang it up, rub your hand over a photo, just hold one, or lay one on your body. You can even put one on a map to energize that specific energy over a huge area, with your heartfelt intention. It helps to call in *Voice of the Water Element*, the skull that carries this blessed glyph, “Moon Water”, on her noggin.

Since they are a 7th dimensional language of light, Read more

The Opening of the “New” Christ Consciousness / Crystalline Portal

The “New” Crystalline – Christ Consciousness Portal

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

This past year we opened the Crystalline Portal, also known as the Christ Consciousness Portal. One of the Magdalenes that came to us to be cleared, held the “Key,” to opening the portal. She called us for a Tune-up! Berniece created both the “Key” and the portal with the help of others. This was done all the way back on the planet Avalon, our second form in density. The dark wizards took over the planet there, in the constellation of Lyra. She started the creation of the Christ Consciousness Portal at that time, to be opened when it was most needed. Since the dark ones had really gotten out of hand and were infiltrating fast once they got onto the planet, she could see their potential to destroy all the light creations, knowing that the Light-workers would need this in the future. That future time for opening this portal ~ is now!

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

Yeshua/Sananda calling forth the Christ Consciousness Portal

We were able to find this “Key” in her etheric body. Read more

Who are the Crystalline Stellar Skulls? By Terra Rae of “Team Earth”

The fire within me is my direct connection with the inner flames of the Earth. I magnify the heart level of existence in one’s physical and spiritual bodies. It is so exciting to introduce you to The Crystalline Stellar Skulls. When I was first introduced to these amazing Beings of light and heart, I stepped […]