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Who Are You Really #Channeling?

By Terra Rae of “Team Earth” I just read a recent article/blog by Greg Giles, Beyond Discernment – Who are the Authentic Channels? Apparently, he fell victim to being “duped” by what he felt were the Freemasons of the Masonic Order who were channeling through him, while being told they were the Galactic Federation. Because […]

A #CrystallineStellarSkull Gets a New Home – #SkullTalk

6/7/15 By Terra Rae When Page was cleared by “Team Earth” she knew she wanted a Crystalline Stellar Skull of her own to work and play with. They were only made available when one is fully ” cleared.” “Cleared” means cleared of the devices and implants that everyone seems to be pretty loaded with. So, Terra […]

Why Clear Past Lives?

 by Terra Rae of “Team Earth” Terra Rae of “Team Earth” and the Crystalline Stellar Skulls through Crysta Wouldn’t you like to find and reclaim amazing, brilliant and life-changing skills and abilities that you have mastered in other lives, on other planets, and in much higher dimensions? They can be brought forth and reactivated so […]