Oh, Such Good News!

NEWSLETTER/ Jan., 2015
Oh, such good news!
Rainbow lights!
Opening the new Crystalline/Christ Consciousness Portal

Oh, Such good News!

Lights appear in Red River, NM, Jan. 9, 2015. Photo by Joshua Thomas.

Lights appear in Red River, NM, Jan. 9, 2015. Photo by Joshua Thomas.

Here is a beautiful image, a once in a lifetime event captured perfectly on Jan 9, 2015 in Red River, NM. I knew the moment I saw this amazing light anomaly that it was a direct result of the incredible work our whole team has been a part of, from what we orchestrate through the deep work done with our clients and the Galactic Team. Our work is clearing Gaia, the Sun and “Luna Love” our brilliant moon ~ quite spectacularly. We have been told from Gaia recently that she would bring us gifts!
When asking the Crystalline Stellar Skull Tribe about this event, in relation to us, this was the immediate response: Read more

Working with Oceans and Connecting to Dolphin Aspects

Meet *Voice of the Oceans* to Clear the Oceans, Meeting your Dolphin Aspect

Very Playful and dolphin-like!

Very Playful and dolphin-like!

Welcome to our first Newsletter with
“The Crystalline Stellar Skulls!”

Meet *Voice of the Oceans*
Find your dolohin aspect.
Awaken to other Universes.

Hi there, I am Terra Rae of “Team Earth.”

I have had the grand experience of being reacquainted with a whole tribe of angelic, heartfelt, galactic, sentient beings ~ the Crystalline Stellar Skulls. They have been with us since the beginning of time, and have just made their reappearance here on Earth.

These sentient Stellar Skulls are here to assist with Gaia, the people of Earth, and others in this galaxy to clear the darkness, making way for the opening, clearing and activation needed for First Contact and Ascension. They move through all dimensions, and they have knowledge of all civilizations, with skills and tools for every level of expanding. There is nothing they cannot address. They love being asked!

I would like to introduce you to *Voice of the Oceans*, who is from the Crystalline and Rainbow Universes. Read more